Two Big Days Left At The Sioux County Fair

HARRISON – The Dawes County Fair may be over, but the Sioux County Fair in Harrison has 2 days left – although coronavirus rules have eliminated 2 of its most popular events – the parade and hog wrestling.

Today’s schedule begins at 1:00 when Art Hall opens to the public for 3 hours. The first of 2 days of rodeo action starts at 2:00 with a BBQ at 6:00 and a concert at 8:00 with Justin Beasley and After the Rodeo. A $10 ticket covers both the BBQ and the concert.

The Sioux County Fair wraps up tomorrow with the final rodeo session at 1:00. Art Hall is open from 1:00-3:00, check-in for the Demolition Derby begins at 4:00, and the drivers take to the track at 6:30.