Two Unattended Deaths In Chadron Sat – One From An Accident, The Other Natural Causes

    Dawes County Attorney and Coroner Vance Haug says two Chadron men were the subjects of unattended death investigations on Saturday with one death listed as the result of an accident and the other from natural causes.

     63-year old Brian Roberts left his home to retrieve his classic Model T and take it to a demonstration at Crestview Care Center in Chadron Saturday, but failed to return. 

       Family members found him wedged under the vintage car and called 911 about 11:20.

An investigation of the scene, physical evidence, and witness interviews led to the determination that Mr Roberts died of what Haug calls “an unfortunate accident.”

     While the investigation into Mr Roberts death was underway, a 911 call was received about 12:10 on the unattended death of 77-year old Irvin Heiser.     

     Haug says a friend who’d come by to check on Mr Heiser at lunchtime found him unresponsive. 

       After an investigation similar to that for Mr Roberts plus consultation with medical professionals and a review of medical records, Haug concluded Mr Heiser had died at home of natural causes.