UPDATE 9:45 PM -Power Outages Reported After Storm

UPDATE 9:45 Power restored across Chadron

CHADRON – The northern Panhandle has had a series of power outages tonight, the result of a series of severe thunderstorms with high winds. The highest gust recorded at the Chadron airport was 75 mph.

Northwest Rural Public Power District had the bulk of the outages. The utility reported on its Facebook page that a single downed pole on the main transmission line feeding the Hay Springs, Mirage Flats, and Scott substations was responsible for most of the lost service.

Its loss knocked out power to customers from south of Chadron to the Whiteclay area and from west of Highway 385 to east of Hay Springs. Northwest Rural also had unrelated outages in the Rushville and Gordon areas.

Nebraska Public Power District also reported outages. Spokesman Grant Otten said 382 customers were affected in the south end of Chadron and 184 from Gordon to Merriman.

Otten said it could be 11 PM before power was restored to the outage in Chadron and possibly sometime tomorrow before service was back in Sheridan County because crews there were still determining the extent of damage.

Storms hit other parts of the Panhandle hard as well. NPPD reported about 3,000 customers in the Scottsbluff area without power while Roosevelt PPD had about 200 around Lyman, Morrill, and Mitchell.

There were also power outages reported in and around Bayard.


(Chadron, Neb.)-Power outages are being reported Saturday evening after a line of thunderstorms brought winds gusting to 75 miles per hour early in the evening.

Portions of southwest Chadron and rural areas were dark as well as areas around Hay Springs. Scottsbluff reported over three thousand without power late in the afternoon.

NPPD said it could be 10:45 Saturday night before power was restored to the outage in Chadron.

We will update with any new information.