UPDATE – Watering Ban Lifted – Chadron Asking Residents To Temporarily Halt Outdoor Watering

CHADRON – The city of Chadron is asking residents to temporarily suspend all outdoor watering to ensure an adequate supply for domestic use following Saturday’s severe thunderstorms.

Utilities supervisor Tom Menke says the water system wasn’t damaged by the storm, but an extended power outage knocked out the wellfield about 20 miles south of Chadron and left the city unable to keep its storage tanks full.

Menke says that, as of 11 PM, Northwest Rural Public Power District had given the city no estimate as to when the downed utility pole on a main transmission line would be replaced and service restored.

Without knowing how long the power will be off and how low the levels in the storage tanks may drop, Menke can’t estimate how long it will take to refill the tanks and end the voluntary use request – saying it could be anywhere from around an hour to most of a day.