USFS Urging Fire Safety For Labor Day Weekend

U-S Forest Service fire officials from the Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands are urging visitors to be extra cautious with fire heading into the Labor Day weekend with the fire danger in all of its units currently rated as Very High.

     Acting Fire Management Officer Tedd Teahon says the NNF&G has been fortunate so far this year with only about a dozen small fires, but that 4 of those were human-caused.

     With Labor Day bringing many visitors onto public lands, Teahon is asking them to be considerate and practice fire prevention.

     He says a few simple things can sharply reduce the chances of a human-caused fire. Check in advance to see if any fire restrictions are in place. If campfires are allowed, keep them small, never leave them unattended, and alway put them out completely before leaving.

     Teahon says even if target shooting or the use of power equipment are allowed, both can cause fires and need extra attention, and he emphasizes that fireworks and exploding targets are banned. An exploding target caused a potentially threatening fire south of Chadron earlier this summer.