Velma Ten Fingers-Brings Him Back

Graveside services for 62-year old Velma Eldean Ten Fingers-Brings Him Back are Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 3:00 PM at the Poor Elk Family Cemetery, #6 Community, Oglala, SD

Visitation precedes the services from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM at the Brings Him Back residence in Oglala, SD.

Velma E. Ten Fingers-Brings Him Back  “Nape Waste Win”  (Good Handed Woman) was born on April 29, 1958 at home in the #6 Community, SD to Ryan Ten Fingers and Margaret Poor Elk.  Velma made her journey to the Spirit World on November 4, 2020 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Through her years of life she worked as a cook for the Oglala Elderly Program, cook/bus driver for the Oglala Headstart Program, cook for the Dept. of Public Safety Jail, and cook/van driver for the Prairie Wind Casino.

Velma is survived by her daughters, Vanessa, Crystal, and Ryanita Brings Him Back, and Sharon (Louis, Sr.) Pulliam; sons, Fred, Jr. and Roger (Delores) Brings Him Back; siblings, Gilson, Pamela, and Theda Ten Fingers, Cheryl (Filmore, Jr.) He Crow, and Neal (Stef) Kindle; hunka brothers, Alvin Little Moon, John Little Moon, and Robert Rouillard, Sr.; hunka children, Stephen Kills Small and Wanda Bird Necklace, Dylan and Beau Fills Pipe, and Latonia Little Spotted Horse; and grandchildren, Terrell and Louis, Jr. Pulliam, Tayton, Brayton, and Kaeton Brings Him Back, Shashane Hernandez, Channing First, Alyssa and Jocelyn Brings Him Back, and Daithan LaDeaux-Brings Him Back.

Velma was preceded in death by her parents, Ryan Ten Fingers and Margaret Poor Elk; her husband, Frederick Brings Him Back, Sr.; sister, Irma Ten Fingers; brother, Clayton Ten Fingers; grandchildren, Poai Raine Dillon and Baby Pulliam; and nephew, Russell Little Spotted Horse.

Pallbearers will be Filmore He Crow, Jr., Louis Pulliam, Sr., Wade Good Voice Flute, Justin “Jay” Helper, Ronald Cross Dog, Sheldon Flute, Kenneth “Kenny” Stands, Patrick Brings Him Back, Terrance DuBray, and Delane Ten Fingers.

Honorary pallbearers will be Henry “Hank” and Nora Brings Him Back, Debra Jensen & Family, Neoma Yellow Horse, Lorraine New, Lillian Tobacco, Ingrid One Feather, Brett & Christi Hamilton, Travis Hamilton, Carla Sleeping Bear, Delores Jumping Eagle, Tanya Ghost Bear, Esther Black Elk & Family, Delores DuBray, Sam & Sandy DuBray, Edna Plenty Arrows & Family, Lenora Blacksmith & Family, Kay Blacksmith & Family, Steve Richard, Marvin & Jacky Richard, Travis Barden-Richard, Stephanie Two Bulls & Family, Nicole White Dress, Autumn Dreaming Bear, Diane Kelly & Family, Gail Kelly & Family, Calendra Fast Horse & Family, Calesta Fast Horse & Family, Juanita Starr, Roberta “Bobey” Starr, John & Judy Grass & Family, Tessie Dillon & Family, Ben & Gloria Scabbyface & Family, Renford “Renny” Good Lance, Leon Brave Heart, James Two Crow, Ronald Cross Dog, Mac Hinton, Connie Titus & Family, Vestana Red Ear Horse, Leona Broken Nose, Richard Broken Nose, Nason Backs, Yvonna Crow, Brenda Youngman & Family, Mary Mousseau, Lloyd & Terri Rouillard & Family, Lavina Cutt, Christine Provost, Jennie Briseno & Family, Louella Broken Nose & Family, Alton Black Tail Deer, Sara Haukaas, Hilda Kills Small & Family, Genevieve Chase In Winter, Elton Eagle Louse, Dreaming Bear Boys & Families, All PWC Employees, and All Family, Friends, & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD