Victim’s Mother First Witness In Bailey Boswell Murder Trial

      Testimony began Monday in the murder-dismemberment trial in Lexington of 26-year old Bailey Boswell. 

        Boswell and her boyfriend, 54-year old Aubrey Trail, are accused of killing 24-year old Sydney Loofe of Lincoln in Nov 2017, luring her through social media and leaving her dismembered corpse in garbage bags along remote gravel road.s

       Trail was convicted in July 2019 of 1st-degree murder and is awaiting sentencing. Boswell is facing the same charges of Trail and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for both of them. 

     The first witness was Loofe’s mother, Susan Loofe of Neligh. She testified her daughter had come home the weekend before she disappeared and after getting new medication to deal with depression.

      She also said her daughter posted on Snapchat that she was ready to go on a date a few days later and that she never heard from her again.

     Also among the early witnesses were Lincoln police investigators, who said Loofe’s car was still in her driveway, the lights in her apartment were on, and her purse was on the counter. Her keys and cellphone were missing, but were found later in the investigation.

      Brooklyn McCrystal of Lincoln, a friend, said Loofe had arranged a date on the social networking site, Tinder, with a woman named “Audrey” and that “Audrey’s” profile eventually matched with Boswell – helping lead police to her. 

       The trial is expected to run 2-to-3 weeks, based on the length of Trail’s trial. He is not expected to be called as a witness by the prosecution after claiming late in his trial and repeatedly since that he killed Loofe accidentally during sex and Boswell did nothing wrong.