Walter “Walt” Scholl

A Celebration of Life for retired Chadron State College professor Walt Scholl will be held Monday, August 23, 2021 from 6:30-9:00 at the Ridgeview Country Club in Chadron. Casual attire is welcome.

Private family memorial services will be held in both Chadron and Minneapolis, Minn, with the Rev Russ Seger officiating in Chadron.

Walt was inspired by nature so in the spirit of all he loved, the family encourages all friends to get outside, explore someplace new, visit a park, hike a trail, listen to the wind in the trees. 

If you are inspired to donate monetarily, please contribute to the National Parks Foundation at

We said goodbye to our beloved husband and father, Walter Scholl, early in the morning of August 15th, 2021, at the age of 87. While these last months have been challenging, his life and legacy will live on. 

Walt’s life began with humble beginnings with parents Frida and Otto who emigrated from Germany in 1928, settling in Mountain Lake, Minnesota.

Days on the tractor plowing fields in the summer with his ‘custom exhaust’ (leading to hearing aids later in life) and heating rocks by the fire with his 6 brothers and sisters to put at the base of their beds on frigid Minnesota nights, led to a desire to better his future. 

Walt graduated with a degree in Music Ministry from Grace Bible Institute in Omaha, NE, then began at Omaha University. 

It was there in February of 1958 that met his incredible future wife Drusilla Inman. Both were in their second semester, Dru finishing her bachelor’s degree. 

As their fledgling relationship grew, Walt took different jobs from driving a taxicab to working as a film editor at KMTV to sorting vegetables at a warehouse downtown.

Their favorite dating spot was Caniglia’s Pizza, and while their time in Omaha was leading towards a lifetime together, Walt’s educational goals led him to moving solo to Chadron State College where he finished his degree in Music Education. 

Dru followed her beau to Chadron soon after they wed in Omaha on July 1st, 1961, beginning their loving, 60-year adventure in western Nebraska. Upon Walt graduating from CSC with his bachelor’s degree, they moved to Mitchell, NE, where he taught German and choral music at the high school.

Walt expanded his education with a Master’s degree from the University of New Mexico while he and Dru began to expand their family. 

Brenda and Karla arrived soon after they moved to Alliance, NE, where Walt again taught German and choral music at the high school. He ultimately finished his PhD from Ohio University in Comparative Arts, when their ‘PhD surprise’, Kurt, arrived, rounding out their family. 

They once again found their way back to Chadron after receiving a call from Chadron State College, leading to Walt’s 25-year tenure teaching German and Humanities, focusing especially on his love of architecture.

They found their lifelong home south of Chadron in 1977 on beautiful acreage in the pines, where Walt ultimately lived his final days with his family by his side. Walt’s addiction for golf began with his retirement and from 1992 forward, you could find him on the golf course 5 days a week – 7 if Dru would allow. The camaraderie, friendship, and enjoyment that he found at the golf course was profoundly fulfilling.

Walt also found a love of writing with a quest for answers that led to a prolific number of papers and poetry, every scribbled word transposed to type Dru, who put his words to paper throughout his life. 

We are most proud of our father’s spiritual journey through life with the expression of his thoughts through his writings, a legacy cherished. 

He was very proud of the home they built and the trails through the forest that we continue to love to this day. His pride never wavered, and he would talk about his ‘farm’ to any that would lend an ear. 

He and Mom loved traveling with their cars, campers, travel trailers, and motorhomes. They reveled in the beauty of the United States (covering nearly every state) and instilled the same adventurous spirit in their children. Not bad for a guy from such humble beginnings.

Well done, Dad.  You led an incredible, fulfilling, remarkable life filled with adventure, love, and passion, leaving a lifetime of memories for your adoring wife and children. We love you. Good night, Dr. Scholl.

Walt is survived by his wife Drusilla, daughters Brenda Bartlett (Greg Keith) of Blair, NE, Karla (Jeff) Hecker of Lake Kiowa, TX and Kurt (Sarah) Scholl of Dallas, TX, and grandchildren Joshua (Angela) Bartlett, Benjamin Bartlett, Hannah (Houston) Schoonmaker, Jacie Hecker, and great grandson, Owen Bartlett. 

Walt is also survived by his siblings Ruth Scholl of Minneapolis, MN, Elfriede (Allen) Rolland of Fridley, MN, Samuel Scholl of Hutchinson, MN, Donald (Nancy) Scholl of Greensboro, NC, Ella Hoffman of Cottage Grove, MN, Arnold Scholl of Minneapolis, MN, and many nieces and nephews.

The Leaning Tree

The tree an ever stalwart presence,

It’s sturdy and full of essence.

It leans as it curtsies rightly,

Over the years resisted nature’s forces mightily.

The broken branch a scar has left

Otherwise ‘tis certainly not bereft.

The leaning is but a reminder

That nature’s gravity is the commander.

The ravishes of time just made it so,

Despite it all, it refuses to go.

And so, it stands with lesser mass

As earthlings walk by and quietly pass.

The tree and the earthling both a journeying venture

In span of time a contrasting culture.

A hanging sliver of bark marks a stage

How everything must wither and age.

Though age it will, the leaning tree trunk stands,

It’s certain where one day it lands.

But not yet, for look on top!

A shock of leaves, like a full crop!

Rest assured, I’ll be leaning for a while yet

Since age is relative, I refuse to fret.

The leaves and branches diminish,

I, the trunk, still life relish.

My leaning is but a humble bow,

Life is all a matter of knowing how.

Time and ages add up to nothing but now!

Walt Scholl

June, 2016

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