Wellness Check Ends With Sioux Falls Police Killing Armed Man


      A wellness check by Sioux Falls police Thursday night escalated into a struggle with a man wielding a knife and ended with the man being shot to death by an officer.

Names have not been released. Multiple officers suffered minor injuries.

   Sioux Falls Police Chief Jon Thum says officers responding to the call about 10:45 pm were confronted by the subject of their check, who had a knife.

     Chief Thum says the officers talked to the man in an unsuccessful effort to calm him down, then tried to incapacitate him with beanbag rounds and stun guns.

      Those also failed and the confrontation turned into a physical struggle which ended when one officer fired. Medical aid was rendered immediately and the man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

      The South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation is handling the case with the involved officers placed on administrative leave until the DCI finishes its work.

       Chief Thum says “it’s obviously tragic when we deal with these situations (because) loss of life is loss of life, no matter the circumstances. 

2 thoughts on “Wellness Check Ends With Sioux Falls Police Killing Armed Man”

  1. Why on earth has the victims name not been released when this incident occurred over 72 hours ago? The police say several officers had body camera footage of the incident but state law prevents the viewing. You have got be kidding. Can anyone in their right mind have any confidence in the internal investigation which will drag on for way too long then validate the killing. What a farce and a pathetic response.

  2. That seems very òdd the
    camera footage can’t be viewed. Why have bodycams when no one can view them? That’s crooked and wrong.

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