Whisper Wind Cottier

Funeral services for 17-year old Whisper Wind Cottier are Saturday April 25, 2020 at 10:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD, with Senior Catechist Ben Conquering Bear officiating.

Burial services will be at Holy Cross Episcopal Cemetery, Pine Ridge, SD

A one-night wake starts Friday afternoon at Joyner Hall with prayer services starting at 7:00 PM.

Whisper Wind Cottier was born on August 11, 2002 in Pine Ridge, SD to Amber Cottier and James “Cody” Red Wing and was raised by her grandmother, Benita Feather Earring. Whisper made her journey to the Spirit World on April 17, 2020 at her home in Pine Ridge, SD.

Whisper is survived by her mothers, Amber Cottier and Benita Feather Earring, both of Pine Ridge, SD; father, James “Cody” Red Wing of Pine Ridge, SD; paternal grandmother, Tink Steele; sisters, Stormy Red Wing of Denver, CO, Chloe Red Wing of Rapid City, SD, Spirit Red Wing of Brookings, SD, Haylee Cottier, Calista Cottier, and Feather Cottier all of Pine Ridge, SD; and brothers, Dennis Janis and Jerry Cottier, Jr. both of Pine Ridge, SD, Xhavier Red Wing of Rapid City, SD, Ivan Janis, Jr. of Pine Ridge, SD, and Harlan (Ashley) Cottier of Apache, OK.

Whisper was preceded in death by her grandparents, Jerry Cottier, Sr., Darrell Cottier and Fermina Feather Earring; and great grandparents, Billy & Sisterbabe Cottier and Darrell “Binky” Steele.

Pallbearers will be Ricky Garza, Harlan Cottier, Terrence Running Shield, Jayson Looks Twice, Darrell Red Wing, Cherie Cottier, Seanna Boltz, Jordianna Clifford and Marsha Janis.

Honorary pallbearers will be Special friend – Tylend James, John LaDeaux & family, Lolly Steele & family, Darby Steele & family, Gabriella Dreamer & family, Sherry Martin & family, Mysti Running Shield & family, Aubiny Curry & family, Ray Bissonette & family, Seanna Boltz & family, Wilma Colhoff & family, Leslie Ponds & family, Melissa Poolaw & family, Kasey Miller & family, Tyra Akers & family, Moriah Morrisette & family, Tashay Returns & family, Taylor Minor & family, Tink Steele & family, Lawrence Martin & family, Brandy Clifford & family, Connie, Courtney and Lindsey Twiss & families, Ivan Janis & family, Jess Poor Bear, Wendy & Jim Rodriguez & family, Emmett “Froggy” Rodriguez, Taysha Big Crow, Kealey Twiss & family, Lisa Schrader & family, Ashley Cottier & family, Nick Cottier & family, Nichole & family, Jeremy Waters, Tom, Dean and Jim Cottier & families, Kiera Bagola & family, All Riverside Basketball Teams, Coach James Kelly and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD