White River Wacipi 2022


The 2022 White River Wacipi was held this weekend in Crawford.  Mike and Linda Kesselring ventured down on Saturday afternoon and were moved by all that they saw.

This working committee and participants are doing a great job in building an annual event that holds a strong sense of community, spirituality and celebrating the various cultures of our area. We look forward to next June down on the White River at the Crawford City Park.

1 thought on “White River Wacipi 2022”

  1. Hoka hey, I like seeing pow wows from back in the area. I miss home and all the pow wows I used to attend, especially intertribal pow wow at Fort Robinson. Since Joe Simmons passing, RIP my brother, I don’t know if it still happens. Thanks for all you do and the creator bless your pow wow and everyone involved. Aho

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