Wind Cave Elevator Down Again, But Quick Repairs This Time

     Elevator problems continue to plague Wind Cave National Park. Cave tours were suspended Thursday morning when one of the two elevators into the cave wouldn’t work.

     Park Chief of Interpretation Tom Farrell says a technician found the problem during a routine check before any tours, so the public was inconvenienced only by not being able to take the tours.

      Farrell says repair crews were called and were able to restore service with Garden of Eden Tours resuming at 2:00 PM.

      The decades-old elevators had just come back into service March 20th after a 20-month hiatus caused by difficulties in finding parts long out of production and maintenance company with experience in dealing with elevators of that age.

        Repairs were actually completed in December, but COVID-19 rules for the National Park Service kept tours from resuming for another four months.