Witness Tells Of Unusual Relationship With Boswell, Trail

     Testimony Wednesday at the  Bailey Boswell murder/dismemberment trial in Lexington was dominated by a woman who detailed an unusual relationship she had with Boswell just month’s before the murder of 24-year old Sidney Loofe in Nov 2017.

        Boswell and her boyfriend, 54-year old Aubrey Trail, are accused using a dating app to stalk and  lure Loofe to them, then killing her, cutting up her body, and putting the pieces in garbage bags left along rural gravel roads

       Ashley Hills of Lincoln told jurors she had met Boswell on the same dating app in July 2017 and developed a sexual relationship with Boswell and Trail in which the two women voluntarily submitted completely to Trail.

      Hills said Trail paid her to live with them and do what he said, adding that he physically punished her – often by choking – when she “broke the rules.” 

      She also said Boswell and Trail talked about killing someone under the pretense of witchcraft and that Trail told her Boswell was turned on sexually by the thought of torturing someone.

      Under cross-examination, Hills said she felt during her roughly 2 months with the couple that Trail was “a very sane, fine man” but now believes he was a “psychopath” and con artist. 

      Trail was convicted of 1st-degree murder in the case over a year ago and is awaiting sentencing. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against both Trail, and Boswell.

       The judge said Wednesday that the case could be going to the jury early next week. The hearing is booked to run through next Friday.