Wyo Senate Committee Kills Medicaid Expansion Bill

     Wyoming lawmakers have again voted against expanding the federal Medicaid health insurance program to cover more people in the state. 

      The all-Republican Senate Labor, Health and Social Services Committee voted 3-2 Wednesday to kill a Medicaid expansion bill that had passed the House. 

     Wyoming has repeatedly voted against expanding Medicaid and is among a dozen states that haven’t done so under the 2010 Affordable Care Act. 

     The federal government picks up half the cost of regular Medicaid and 90% of the expansion costs, and an additional 5% incentive in the last COVID stimulus package had raised the hopes of supporters on finally getting the expansion. 

        Concerns remained among committee members about Medicaid’s long-term costs to the state, whether Congress would live up to its promised funding, and the growing U.S. national debt – arguments raised during all the previous expansion debates.