Wyoming Health Official: ‘So-Called Pandemic’ And Vaccine Communist Plot

A Wyoming Department of Health official involved in the state’s response to the coronavirus questions the legitimacy of the pandemic and describes a forthcoming vaccine as a biological weapon. 

      Igor Shepherd, a department employee since 2013, called COVID-19 a “so-called pandemic” at a Nov. 10 event in Loveland, Colorado, and described efforts to develop a vaccine as a plot by Russia and China to spread communism worldwide.

     Dept of Health spokeswoman Kim Deti issued a release that although Shepherd has been part of the state team responding to Covid-19, he is not in a leadership role.

      The statement also says, without directly mentioning Shepherd’s claims, that the department’s overall position on the pandemic is clear – given the thousands of hours of work on the response and the excitement for the hope the vaccine offers. 

      Researchers have worried for months that politicized skepticism of COVID-19 vaccines could hurt their efficacy. Vaccines are more effective if most of the population is inoculated.