15 Traffic Deaths In One June Week Tops Total For Month Of May


      A spate of multiple-fatality accidents resulted in 15 traffic deaths last week in Nebraska, leading the State Patrol and Nebraska Dept of Transportation to urge all motorists to travel safely.

       The state recorded only 14 traffic deaths in 12 crashes for the entire month of May while last week’s total included an accident with 4 deaths, one with 3, and 2 with 2 deaths each.

       As of Monday, there had been 94 traffic fatalities in the state so far this year, a little higher than the 5-year average of 91. Many of last week’s fatal crashes remain under investigation by various law enforcement agencies.

      NSP Supt Colonel John Bolduc says “Every life lost is a tragedy, and this past week should serve as a stark reminder for everyone of how critical it is to drive safely.”

       NDOT Director John Selmer says “Every traffic fatality has devastating impacts on the communities and families left behind,” and with more people beginning to enjoy travel again the risks increase.

        Selmer and Bolduc says every crash has different circumstances, but simple steps any motorist can take can reduce the potential for serious injury or fatalities.

       Those actions include obeying traffic laws, following posted speed limits, always driving sober, avoiding distractions, and wearing a seat belt.

        Any motorist who needs assistance on the road or would like to report a dangerous driver can call the NSP Highway Helpline at *55 or 800-525-5555.