2024 Big Game Guide Online Now


Application, drawing and sales dates for Nebraska big game hunting permits have been adjusted for 2024. That’s just one of the changes in the 2024 Big Game Guide posted on the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s website

The guide is a summary of Nebraska’s regulations, orders and statutes pertaining to hunting deer, antelope, elk and bighorn sheep.

Some of the changes this year simplify the application and purchasing process for deer, elk and antelope permits by collapsing eight purchasing periods to four. Notably, general applications will begin a week earlier than in past years, starting June 3 in 2024.

A summary of the changes is on page 4 of the guide.

Among the other changes:

  • More nonresident deer permits are included in the draw, including archery and muzzleloader permits.
  • Hunters will have the option to Telecheck their deer during the November Firearm season. Hunters must check their deer at either a check station or via Telecheck. Elk and antelope harvest reporting must be done via Telecheck.
  • There are significant changes to deer quotas and bag limits. With reduced quotas, it is likely permits will sell out faster.
  • A Private Land Only deer permit was created for the Sandhills and Pine Ridge units to address the high demand from nonresidents and moderate demand for residents for hunting there. Permits were left over in those units in 2023. The new permit allows additional nonresident opportunity while not increasing pressure on public lands.
  • Individuals are allowed one unit permit that allows the harvest of a mule deer buck in each of the following units: Buffalo, Calamus West, Frenchman, Loup West, Pine Ridge, Plains, Platte, Republican, Sandhills, Upper Platte. While they may not have two permits in any one of these units, they may have permits in different units and/or statewide permits.
  • Statewide Buck and Restricted Statewide Buck now are a Season Choice format and valid for the entire season and the method of take of the current open season. This follows the Whitetail Statewide Buck format.
  • Landowner applications for antelope and elk are synced in one period, May 20-31.

The 2024 November Firearm season is Nov. 16-24. According to Commission Orders, the season is nine consecutive days beginning the Saturday closest to Nov. 13.

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