3-Vehicle Collision In Downtown Chadron Results In No Serious Injuries


Photo Courtesy of Marilyn Diehl

    A 3-vehicle accident snarled traffic for a time Monday morning in downtown Chadron, but resulted in mostly just bumps and bruises.

     The Chadron Police Department says the accident occurred at the traffic signal at 3rd and Main about 7:40 when the light changed and a southbound SUV turned from Main onto 3rd, which is also Hwy 20.

     As the SUV entered the intersection, an eastbound compact SUV ran the red light and struck it, then glanced off a northbound car on Main that was waiting to turn left onto 3rd.

      The driver of the compact SUV told officers that she couldn’t see the red light because of the position of the morning sun, but was cited anyway. The occupants of all 3 vehicles were checked out and cleared by EMTs.

      Traffic on Main Street was halted for about half an hour, but 2-way traffic on 3rd was quickly restored using the westbound and center turn lanes.