7-Week Rangeland Management Practitioner In Residence Course Starts Thursday Night


      Chadron State College launches the latest edition of its annual Rangeland Management Practitioner in Residence program tonight.

      Dr Pat Shaver is teaching a one-hour course over the next 7 Thursday nights that’s aimed at students and rangeland management professionals, but is open to everyone free of charge or as a college one credit-hour course with normal tuition.

       The course is based on a rangeland assessment tool Dr Shaver helped develop and will include special emphasis interpreting a number of rangeland health and use indicators such soil and site stability in the context of grazing decisions.

     Shaver’s career includes stints as a state and federal range conservationist, primarily in the southwest, a National Applied Fire Ecologist, and a faculty member at Oregon State University. 

     A co-author of the Rangeland Health Assessment Criteria currently used by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, he owns Rangeland Management Services and is a former president of the International Society for Range Management. 

      The in-class sessions run tonight through April 28 from 6:30-9:30 in the CSC Rangeland Complex, Room 110. The course is partially funded by a grant from the Bill and Virginia Coffee Family Foundation.