Bridgeport Names New Fulltime City Administrator


    Former Sidney emergency manager and assistant city manager Dawn Martin is the new Bridgeport City Administrator.

Martin was appointed by Mayor Gail Beyer and confirmed by the city council last week. She starts work March 13.

     Bridgeport has operated without a permanent, full-time administrator for several years and Beyer told KNEB News that Martin was a “standout” candidate for the resurrected position.

      Beyer said Martin had the type of experience the city was looking for and that her knowledge and references were very complimentary on her qualifications and personality. 

     The mayor told the station that Bridgeport is working to address aging electrical, water and sewer infrastructure, so Martin expects to hit the ground running on that as well as a related 5-year plan and other projects in need of proper oversight.

      Martin’s will start at a salary of $78,000 that will bump up to $84,000 with a satisfactory six-month review. She will also get $400 a month for up to a year for commuting expenses until she can relocate to Bridgeport.