Chadron Water Tank Project Almost Done, Street Projects Starting


     Chadron City Manager Tom Menke says progress on some major city projects with one wrapping up and two others getting underway. 

      The most visible one, or at least the one that can be seen the easiest by the most people, is the repair and upgrade of the East Water Tank that overlooks Chadron State College. 

     Menke says the tank should be full of water by next Monday and back to its traditional white color before June arrives.

The tank would have been done by now except for a vandal who shot 6 holes in it that required $22,000 in repairs and reinforcement while adding a couple weeks to the schedule.

     The tank is a century old, but Menke says the contractor told him this project means it should be good for at least another 25 years.

     The other 2 projects are city streets, including a complete rebuild on two blocks of a major east-west route to 3 schools.

The other street project is on the north end of town and involves what might be called long-term temporary repairs.

Menke says the city’s long-term plans, dependent on finances, is to rebuild all of North Main with this project intended to provide better driving until then.

Other street projects are scheduled to start later in the summer.