Adrian Smith Named Ways And Means Subcommittee Chair


      Nebraska 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith has been named Chairman of the Trade Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee. 

      Ten-term Republican from Gering is a senior member of the Ways and Means committee and the Ranking Member on the subcommittee. He chaired the Human Resources subcommittee the last time Republicans had the majority in the House. 

      Smith says the Biden administration has failed to put forward a proactive trade agenda, forcing American consumers and producers to the sidelines of the global economy. 

       Smith says “trade has the potential to lower costs for American families, level the playing field for American products abroad, and expand opportunities for American small businesses.

     He adds that “trade has never been more important to consumers and producers – it’s past time for our work to reflect that importance,” and pledges that as Subcommittee chair he’ll work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to move forward.

      Smith says the country needs to “use every trade tool at our disposal to tackle supply chain and inflation crises, open new markets for American producers, and hold both our trading partners and bad actors accountable.”

      To do so, he’s calling for immediate reauthorization of MTB – the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill – and the GSP – Generalized System of Preferences – saying there’s no excuse for further delay since each has broad, bipartisan support.