AG’s Office To Lead Grand Jury On Death In Scottsbluff Shootout With Police


     The Nebraska Attorney General’s office has released the identity of the man killed earlier this week in a shootout with Scottsbluff police to end a standoff that lasted more than 5 hours.

      The AG’s office also says it will lead the grand jury investigation into the death of 47-year-old Daniel Ojeda. A grand jury is required by state law anytime someone dies in custody or in the process of being arrested. 

    Scottsbluff police say officers were called to the home around noon Monday on reports of a man with a gun threatening to harm himself or others. Once they arrived, they were held at bay outside the home by Ojeda for nearly six hours

       After multiple attempts to negotiate a peaceful solution failed, a specially trained team of officers forcibly entered the home. Ojeda fired at them and they returned fire, killing him.