Alliance Approves $285K For Fire Dept Training Facility


      The Alliance City Council has unanimously approved spending nearly $285,000 for a new metal fire training facility. The Alliance Volunteer Fire Department and the Alliance Rural Fire Protection District are also helping fund the project.

     The fire training center will be very similar to the Chadron Fire Department training complex with a 3-story tower, live-fire burn rooms, and a reconfigurable maze. 

       Alliance Chief Troy Shoemaker says the department will be able to do more training on more types of situations which should bring the city additional ISO Public Protection Points and in turn both a better ISO rating and lower rates for fire insurance.

     Chadron’s training center is used by other fire agencies and Chief Shoemaker says the same will be true of the Alliance center. He also expects other city departments to use it, such as the Alliance Police Department training on secure entry procedures.