Alton Black Tail Deer Sr


Funeral services for 28-year old Alton Black Tail Deer Sr are  Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 2:00 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson, SD, with Pastor Stanley Hollow Horn officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Ricky Grey Grass 

Burial is at the Black Tail Deer Family Cemetery in Manderson. 

A two-night wake service starts Friday, March 17, at 3:00 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson.

Alton Duane Black Tail Deer Sr was born on June 21, 1984, in Pine Ridge, SD to Martin Black Tail Deer Sr and Christine (Wounded Horse) Hollow Horn. Alton made his journey to the Spirit World on March 7, 2023, at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD. 

Alton was born on the first day of summer and attended school at Wounded Knee District School, Batesland School, and Pine Ridge High School. 

Later, he worked for the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Prairie Wind Casino, and poured concrete for houses. 

Alton played Little League baseball with many teams, pitched no-hitters, and was coached by C Bear and John Eagle Bull, to name a few. 

Alton continued on to play fast pitch and at 15 years old he was playing with all stars and Red Leaf, making many friendships that continued throughout his life. 

Alton garnered the moniker “Cheeseburger” from his peers and that name became synonymous with his legendary athleticism. 

Softball was life and he played in many tournaments across the US and with many co-ed teams. In the off-season, he played pool in many tournaments including Las Vegas. 

Alton loved his friends, adopting a few of them whom we call brothers now. 

What stands out the most was his kindness to others. He was very respectful and extremely generous. Alton had nicknames for his numerous nieces and nephews and would be heard saying such things as “be nice,” “stay hot,” and “GIG of LFG” to name a few. Wednesday mornings he would say “Mike Mike Mike.” 

All who had the honor to know Alton and be loved by him will miss him dearly. 

Alton is survived by his mother Christine Hollow Horn; son Alton D. Black Tail Deer Jr fiancé, Sara Haukaas; brothers, Harold Hollow Horn, Jr., Reginald Hollow Horn, Frank Black Tail Deer, Martin Black Tail Deer, Jr., Steve Black Tail Deer, Brian Black Tail Deer, Moses Little Moon, Alvin Little Moon, Robert James Spotted Bear; sisters Deborah Hollow Horn, Trina Williams, Mary Black Tail Deer, Lucette Black Tail Deer, Martina Black Tail Deer, Crystal Black Tail Deer, Tanya White Butterfly, Karen Porter, Violet Yankton, and Carla Sleeping Bear; hunka brothers Frank Ghost and Roger Brings Him Back; hunka son Duane Benson Jr; and his numerous nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

Alton was preceded in death by his father Martin Black Tail Deer Sr; sons Drazen and Dontae Black Tail Deer; wife Amber Kills Crow; grandparents Howard & Hazel Wounded Horse, and Andrew and Flora (Looks Twice) Black Tail Deer, Llewellyn Black Tail Deer, and Winnie He Dog; brothers Adrian Hollow Horn, Calvin Little Moon, and Fred Brown Bull; sister Anita Whirlwind Horse; nephew Daniel Hollow Horn; nieces Latoya Hollow Horn and Krissy Black Crow; and half-brother James Dean Black Tail Deer. 

Pallbearers will be Steve Ross, Waylon Black Crow Jr, Duane Benson Jr, Roger Brings Him Back, Vine Morrisette, Elgin Head, Bob Martin, Harley Cottier, Louis Pulliam, and Marjoe Janis. 

Honorary pallbearers will be Sharon Pulliam, Fred, Vanessa, Crystal, and Ryanita Brings Him Back, Stephanie Ghost, Howdy & Rochelle Dreamer, Matthew Tobacco, Cody Red Wing, Marvin Ross, Ryan Ross, Eldwin, Josh, & Garfield Steele, Lisa Two Bulls, Daniel Cottier, Moranda, Deb, Jolene, Roberta, Charity, & Lisa Red Feather, Rena Reizenstein, Todd Green & Myre, Cody Hanson, Wyatt White Horse, Ellie Bettelyoun, Delores DuBray, Ricky Grey Grass, Waylon Black Crow Sr, Travis Richards, Sage Richards, Dennis White Thunder, Marjoe & Maria Janis, Cole & Cass Waters, Gummer Garnier, Bro Two Bulls, Lynette Yellow Horse, Susan Palmier, Virgil LaDeaux, Richard Charging Hawk, Willus Lakota, Devon LeBeau, Travis Mesteth, Frank Medicine, Sheila Black Crow, Carla Sleeping Bear & Family, Mark Brown Bull, Jen, Joni, & Misun Morisette, Vicky Featherman, Amy Jumping Eagle & Family, Denise Jumping Eagle & Family, Starlette Jumping Eagle & Family, Kalib Haukaas, Cyrus Black Elk Jr, Rockyford Royals, Family Tradition, Crazy Horse, Red Leaf, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD