Amended 2-Year Contract Gives Some State Workers $47-M In Raises


      The state of Nebraska has reached an agreement in principle with its largest employees’ union on amending the current 2-year contract, which ends in 2023. 

      Described as the largest biennium contract in state history, it brings $47-million dollars in raises to over 7,500 workers in more than 450 job classifications.

     Nebraska Association of Public Employees director Justin Hubly says the deal, when ratified, “represents a substantial increase in pay for our members working within 24/7 facilities and across state government.”

      Governor Pete Ricketts says state government has a talented team of employees with skills that are in high demand in a tight labor market, and the state wants to hold onto them. 

       He says the new contract underscores that his administration recognizes the dedication to service of those employees and will “work to retain the team we continue to build. 

      Those working at 24/7 facilities such as prisons and the state veterans homes get an immediate $3 per hour raise, higher overtime, and an additional 2% cost of living adjustment next July.

       Another set of raises take effect next month – 20% for job classifications identified as “high demand” and 30% for healthcare classifications identified as “critical.”