Annual Wildland Fire and National Guard Helicopter Training set for April 26


South Dakota National Guard (SDNG) Black Hawk helicopters, in coordination with SD Wildland Fire (SDWF), will conduct wildland fire aerial water delivery recertification training later this week. The annual joint training is a collaboration between SDWF and the SDNG Army Aviation Facility (AASF). Helicopters serve an important role in fighting wildfires by carrying 500-gallon buckets of water and dropping it where needed.  

Practice of aerial water delivery with a live simulated fire exercise is set for Friday, April 26 on the west side of the Angostura Reservoir near Sheps Canyon Road.  They will dip and fill their buckets in the water and then drop the water on simulated fire locations.

The public is advised to stay clear of these areas between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm on April 26. Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) in the area is prohibited during these hours and will result in flight operations being shut down.

The training is designed as annual refresher training for SDNG’s AASF Black Hawks and live training for interagency ground personnel.  Flight operations will conclude by 4 pm.