Anthony Iron Cloud Jr


Funeral services for 32-year old Anthony George Iron Cloud Jr are Sat, May 7, 2022 at 2:00 at Father Pauly Hall in Porcupine, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Rick Two Dogs, Lawrence “Bear” Cross, and David Swallow Jr.

Burial is at the Swallow Family Cemetery in Porcupine

A one-night wake service starts Friday, May 6, at 11:30 at Father Pauly Hall in Porcupine

Anthony George Iron Cloud Jr, “An’pe Wica Gleska Wicasa” (Hoop Around The Sun), was born on August 24, 1989 in Pine Ridge, SD, to Diane Katy Tail and Anthony George Iron Cloud Sr. He began his journey in the Spirit World on April 27, 2022.

Anthony was given the name of T.J. at an early age and resided in Porcupine most of his life, but eventually moved to Kyle, SD.  He was the first-born grandson on his mother’s side of the family and was cherished greatly by his grandparents.  

TJ attended grade school at Rockyford Elementary School and graduated 8th grade in 2002. While attending Rockyford School, he played basketball and flag football.  

TJ attended his freshman year of high school at Flandreau Indian Boarding School, then transferred to Little Wound High School in Kyle. 

TJ enjoyed spending time with his grandpa, Aloysius, attending rodeos – which sparked his love for horses – riding and breaking horses in his free time.  

TJ had a love for dogs, mainly pitbulls and rescued a pitbull pup from Taos, NM, he named Taz. short for Tasmanian Devil, and who became  his best friend for many years. TJ also enjoyed playing with his many friends and cousins, spending most of his free time building those relationships.  

 TJ could always be found from an early age sitting by his Uncle Rick Isna Wica’s Sundance Drum and learning the Lakota Prayer Songs. He became a Sundance Singer himself, traveling all over the country alongside his uncle and grandpa – giving the gift of his voice through prayer songs.  

TJ was a great Lakota Warrior who Humbleca’ed at the Great Mato Paha in the Black Hills, 4 days and 3 nights at the young age of 17 years old; an accomplishment carried out by only a few.  

With this great accomplishment, TJ carried himself with dignity and great courage, always watching over his loved ones and became a great defender for his family and many many friends.  He was a cherished uncle and helped raise his nieces & nephews.  

TJ met Caitlin Cross in 2014 and together they had three beautiful children: Cameron, Aurora, & Anna Iron Cloud. TJ was a wonderful and caring father who loved his children greatly.  He became an organ donor through the help of LifeSource, giving the lasting chance of life to 6 individuals who now have the gift of life through his legacy.  

Anthony is survived by his children Cameron, Aurora, & Anna Iron Cloud; spouse Caitlin Cross; mother, Diane (Al-B Curry) Tail; father, Anthony (Elena) Iron Cloud; sistsers, Diana (Darrel) Iron Cloud, Shayla Iron Cloud, and Kayla (Ardie Janis II) Iron Cloud; brothers, Troy Wayne Iron Cloud and Wambli Ska Tail.

Anthony was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Robert and Louise Iron Cloud; aunties, Patricia Zimiga and Sharon Iron Cloud; and uncles, Jonsey and Tote Iron Cloud; maternal grandparents, Aloysius & Bernice Tail; uncles, Richard, IsnaWica Tail and Lionel Hernandez; cousin, RaeAnn Tail; niece, Lakota Iron Boy; brother-in-law, Jacob Pourier, Sr.  

Pallbearers will be Darrel Locke II, John Iron Boy, Sun Dance Tail, Angelo Mills, Wendell Mesteth, Isnala Najin Cross, Quintin Two Crow, Monolito Tail, Lester Flying Hawk, and Skyler Iron Cloud.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Wicakpi “Bams” Iron Cloud, Kiannie Janis, Darrel “Yamni” Iron Cloud, Ariel Locke, Larae Locke, John Bryan Iron Cloud, Ardie Janis III, Mila Pourier, Jacob Pourier, Jr., Maverick Tail, Collin Tail, Albert Curry, Jr. & Family, Ardie Janis II, Auntie Twila & Marvin Iron Boy, Auntie Alicia & Les Rowland & Family, Uncle Lester Tail & Family, Grandma Pansie & Boe Richards, Stacie Tail & Family, Laryssa Tail & Children, Jody Iron Boy & Children, Katy Iron Boy & Children, Sun Dance Tail & Family, John Iron Boy & Family, Monolito Tail & Family, Grandpa David Swallow, Jr. & Family, Norma Rendon & Family, Auntie Babette Patton & Family, Beau & Margaret, Auntie Connie & Patrick Tapio & Family, Auntie Esther Iron Cloud & family, Auntie Cathy Iron Cloud & Family, Auntie Margaret Iron Cloud & Family, Grandma Mary Iron Cloud & Family, Davey & Tiny Pourier & Family, Mary “Blossom” Jumping Eagle & Family, Robert & Leslie Melroy, Steve Horton & Family, Grandma Ethel Swallow & Family, Grandma Joeann Crow Dog & Family, Beno Garcia & Family, Bosco Byrd & Family, Marlin Featherman & Family, Roger Mills & Family, Ty Lunderman & Family, Carry Black Elk & Family, Robert Iron Cloud & Family, Alfred Swallow & Family, David Swallow III & Family, Rachell Bissonette & Family, Grandma Pearl & Melvin Rossman & Family, Grandma Verola Spider & Family, Grandma Beulah & Curtis White Crane & Family, Grandpa Emerson Spider, Jr. & Family, Aunti Myreen Iron Cloud & Family, Mike Brave, Jorey Weston, Bryer Cottier, Byron Bordeaux, Pat Bordeaux, Jaren Two Crow, Harry Yazzie & Family, Dean Richard, Grandpa Tim Swallow & Family, Grandpa Leo Swallow, Sr. & Family, Marlene Wilson & Family-John, Tarz, Lyle, & Sonny, cousins Lyle, Jr. & Dez, aunti Emily Iron Cloud & Family, Richard Iron Cloud & Family, Edward Iron Cloud, Jim Iron Cloud, Porcupine District, Porcupine Housing Day Labor Crew, Monument Health ICU, LifeSource Team,

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD