Arlana Two Bulls

Funeral services for 32-year old  Arlana Two Bulls are Monday, Oct 3, 2020, at 11:00 at the former 7th Day Adventist Church at #4 Payabaya Community with the Rev Deacon Twilla Two Bulls officiating and traditional Lakota services by Darla Black 

Burial is at the 7th Day Adventist Cemetery in Rid Shirt Table

A two-night wake service starts Saturday, Oct 1, at 3:30, also at the former 7th Day Adventist Church at #4 Payabaya Community

Arlana June Two Bulls “Tahocokab Wakan Win” was born on June 28, 1990, in Pine Ridge, SD, to Elizabeth Chase Alone and Orlando Two Bulls.  Arlana made her journey to the Spirit World on September 25, 2022, at home at #4 Community Payabaya, SD.

Arlana is survived by her father Orlando Two Bulls; daughters Taylor Two Bulls and Charlie Two Bulls-Cross Dog; son Tyrone Two Bulls; sisters Kayla Two Bulls, and Maureen Jumping Eagle; brothers Jasper Chase Alone, Irving Jumping Eagle, and Rowland Chase Alone; grandfathers Victor Swallow, Jerry Two Bulls, Francis Two Bulls, and Delbert Yellow Horse; grandmothers Iris Yellow Horse, Doris Reyes, Julie Two Bulls, Arlene Hawk, and Freida (Chase Alone) Big Road; uncles Jake Yellow Horse, Donnie Shockey, Bob Chase Alone, and Leonard Chase Alone; aunts L Pansy Two Bulls-Weasel Bear, June (Frank) Two Bulls, Marjorie Black Elk-Two Bulls, Blossom & Selma Johnson, Karen Weasel Bear, and Sonia Chase Alone; and numerous cousins, nieces & nephews.

Arlana was preceded in death by her mother Elizabeth Chase Alone; sister Danielle Chase Alone; grandparents LaVern & Gladys (Red Breath Bear) Two Bulls and George & Mary Chase Alone; uncles Kevin Two Bulls, Homer Chase Alone, and George Chase Alone; aunts Susan Two Bulls-Shockey, Faith Two Bulls, and Eunice Chase Alone; and cousins Roylynn Chief Eagle, Lucille Chief Eagle, Victoria Kills Enemy, and Joshua Kills Enemy.

Pallbearers will be Alyce Two Bulls, Rosie Stanley, Lillian Weasel Bear, Arlene Weasel Bear, Mary Weasel Bear, Constance Weasel Bear, Gayla Weasel Bear, Gaylene Weasel Bear, Alynn Two Bulls, Chiffon Two Bulls, Wayne “Turtle” Chief Eagle, Jr., Jacob Two Bulls, Victor Kills Enemy, Noah Kills Enemy, Eric Kills Enemy, Thomas Chief Eagle, Clayton Stanley Jr, Michael Rooks, Donnie Shockey, and Orlando Two Bulls.  

Honorary pallbearers will be special friend Kevin Cornelius, Everdell Black Spotted Horse, Tamera Janis, Amelia Long, Sandy Lone Elk, Cathy Red Cloud, Andrea Carballo, Ellen Kills Small, Ashley Crazy Thunder, Mariah Mousseaux, Susan & Carl Fast Eagle, Williona Bear Robe, Cassandra White, Cecelia Two Bulls, Larice Seaboy Johnson Tiospaye, Linn Cross Dog, Grandpa Charles & Grandma Mary Red Breath Bear Tiospaye, Great-Grandparents Wilbert & Delphine (Two Bulls) Yellow Horse Tiospaye, Two Bulls Tiospaye, Chase Alone Tiospaye, Black Elk Tiospaye, Weasel Bear Tiospaye, Cortier Tiospaye, Iron Hawk Tiospaye, Hawk Tiospaye, Wolf Creek Class of 2005, Crow Creek Girls Dorm Staff 2006-2009, Evangeline”Angel” Trevan, Daryl Cornelius, and All Friends & Relatives.

Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge is in charge of arrangements for Arlana Two Bulls