Audit Shows St Francis Ministry Had Financial And Leadership Issues Long Before Nebraska Contract Woes


     A new Kansas audit says the non-profit organization that recently lost its Nebraska state contract to provide child welfare services to Omaha-area families had long-standing issues before it ever won the contract in 2019.

     The audit shows St Francis Ministries was in financial disarray – plagued with mounting debt, poor money management, and other problems

       It had managers who spent money on themselves instead of programs and a chief executive who enjoyed lavish trips paid for by the organization.

     The audit also says St Francis has since taken steps to correct those issues. A spokesperson for the non-profit says it is now financially stable.

      St Francis won its Nebraska contract with a bid 40% lower than that of the previous holder, and began to have trouble fulfilling the deal almost immediately.

     The state approved a new, higher contract in January to bail out St Francis, but the problems continued until the contract was ended by mutual agreement.