Backers Of Recreational Pot Bill Bring It Out Of Committee, But Passage Looks Unlikely


      South Dakota House members who support a bill to legalize recreational use of marijuana have successfully resurrected it following a negative committee vote, but appear to be well short of the number of members needed to pass it.

       A bipartisan group of 26 successfully executed the so-called “smoke-out” to move the resolution out of the committee, but need at least 10 more for a floor vote and twice that many should Gov Kristi Noem veto it.

      The proposal narrowly passed the Senate – the first time a recreational pot bill has advanced from either chamber. 

     It legalizes recreational possession of up to an ounce of marijuana by people ages 21 and older as well as allowing marijuana to be grown, processed and sold. 

      Voters two years ago passed an initiative legalizing both recreational and medical pot, but Noem successfully challenged it in court as unconstitutional.

      Backers of this bill describe it as simply carrying out the wishes of the voters in the face of a separate recreational cannabis measure going on this year’s ballot.

     Organizers of the 2020 measure say they’re already working on a new one in case this bill doesn’t pass.