Box Butte WMA Opening for Firewood Harvest


Firewood harvest is usually prohibited at Box Butte Wildlife Management Area but people with authorization will be allowed to collect it Feb. 1-March 10.

Non-commercial firewood users who receive permission from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission may cut and collect any fallen dead timber in specific areas of the property north of Hemingford during the six-week period. Those with the authorization form will receive a map of areas open for harvest and vehicle access, and will be urged to use safe practices while cutting.

Firewood harvest aids in Game and Parks’ habitat management goals on targeted areas of the property that are annually subject to excessive down timber from cottonwoods, willows and other hardwoods. The logs and branches become driftwood and can be a hazard to boats when the reservoir’s water levels rise in spring.

The free authorization form may be obtained by contacting Hunter Baillie, Game and Parks district wildlife manager, or Justin Powell, wildlife biologist, at 308-763-2940, or by stopping by the Game and Parks Commission’s northwest district office at 299 Husker Road in Alliance.