Bryan Brewer Jr

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Funeral services for 52-year old Bryan Brewer Jr are Friday, May 14, 2021 at 2:00 at the Bryan Brewer Sr residence, 2 miles East of Pine Ridge, SD, with Mr Charles McGaa officiating and traditional Lakota Services by Joe Swift Bird and Doug Patton

Burial is at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cemetery in Porcupine, SD.

A one-night wake service starts Thurs, May 13, 2021 at 10:00, also at the Bryan Brewer Sr residence.

Bryan Montelle Brewer Jr was born on February 14, 1969 in Rushville, NE to Bryan and Carla (Red Fish) Brewer.  Bryan, Jr. made his journey to the Spirit World on May 7, 2021 at this home in Wolf Creek Community.  

Bryan is survived by his father, Bryan Brewer, Sr.; daughters, Carly (Enrique Hudspeth) Brewer, Bryonna Brewer, and Cody Hard Heart; siblings, Brent Brewer, Kellee Brewer, and Sky (Tori) Brewer; nephews, Jordan, David, & Carlin Brewer; niece, Shaylynn Brewer; hunka brother, Joe Swift Bird; and grandchildren, Tyonna Brewer, Carolina Yankton, Henry Hudspeth, Laticia, Luta, & Pejuta Hard Heart.

Bryan was preceded in death by his mother, Carla Brewer; spouse, Twila Hard Heart; maternal grandparents, Amiel & Dorothy (Webb) Red Fish; and paternal grandparents, Vincent & Alvina (Larvie) Brewer.

Pallbearers will be Jim Colhoff, Tony Brewer, George Bettelyoun, Willie White, Joe Mesteth, Don Garnier, Bart Ecoffey, Reuben Noah, Carter Dixon, and Axe White Calf Brewer.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Narcelle and Eldon Redfish, Harold Sr. and Vince Brewer,  Joy Lynn Parton, Maverick Valandra,  Gwen Valandra, Von Gillette, Cole, Harold Jr, Bessie  and Grace Brewer, Tricia Tyon Brewer, Tara Curry, Alice  (Darrell) Hunter, Shavonne and Tyler Shae Brewer, Patricia Farmer, Buffy, Marcelle, William, Patrick, Carlin, Amiel , Timothea and Julie Redfish, Allie and Tim Bad Heart Bull, Frieda Brewer, Joy Brewer, Tre Douglas Lugar, Derrick Tyon, Jesse, Smockel, Jodene, Frankki  Hunter, LNI Board of Directors, LNI Scorers and Announcers, Warren Blue Bird, Richard Greenwald,  Denee Bettelyoun, Pat Kincaid, Jason Cooke, Charlie Zimiga, Dale Pine Sr, Delaine Has No Horse, Robert Two Crow, Dr. Richard Zephier, Wayne Carney, Wayne Johnson, Keith Horse Looking, Rich Shangreaux, Ken Walking Eagle, William Tymes, Verlyn Garnier, Waylon Janis, Paul Albert Goings, Kevin Lone Bear, James Wike, Joe Gillis, James  Winters, Terry Richards, Norie Dusty Bull, Bryan Kein, Chris Whiting, Ken Hart, Jim Norris Jr, Chris Miner, Lorenzo Black Lance, Colleen Good Shield, Clara Whipple, Loren Ladeaux, Terry Brockie, Felix Rodriguez, Glen Richards, Justin Bradford, Lyndon Stone, Tony Twiss, Tony Joe Brewer, Brendon Thompson, Kyle Thompson, Ben Steen, Art Ecoffey, Ken Walking Eagle, Forrest Sprock, Boone Denny, Tom Brings, Loren Schonchin, Jimmy Schantz, Jesse, Rob, Chris and Waylon Mendoza, Orson and Gwen Cuny Family, Brendon, Ty and Travis Albers, Alford, Dave and Lance Leftwich, Chuck, Patty, Lou, Gary and Justin Conroy, Morris Sr, Arvene, Morris Jr, Scott Brewer, Bam, Frog, Tim, Dave, Danny Michael, Chuck, George, Mitch, Dean, Justin, Tunee, Renee Brewer, Edmond and Edwin Spider, Greg and Willie Pond, Jack, John and Albert Long, Todd and Robert Waters, Ben and Mervin Comes Flying , Albert and Trevor Kuntz, Jack, Carla Putnam, Joe and Pete Swift Bird, George, Sean and Doug Patton, Louis, KC, Rocky and Lucas Frazier, Broden and Jordan Skinner, Art, Austin, Andre Zimiga,  Norma Tibbits, Bryan and Robert Pille, Francine Big Crow, Happy Big Crow, Ricard Little Bear, Rob Tyon, Jeff Big Crow Jr, Alvin and Calvin Janis, Cal and Bev Medhaug, Julie Richards, Mona Pedregon, Rhonda Akers, Charles Zimiga (Cod) Jr, Donnie Bettelyoun Robin Billa, Mike Akers, Mike Carlow Sr. Family,  Janelle and Babe Pourier, Lisa Carlow, Jackie Miller, Cecelia Big Crow, Laticia Decory, Chuck Jacobs,Troylynn Weston, Lynette and Emily Kills Small, Terry Two Bulls, Sam and Darren Yellow Boy, Ben Smith, Fint Tall, Earl Tall, Frank Star Comes Out, Sam Long, Donald Long Soldier, Catch Big Crow, Wahacanka Tall, Bernard Yankton, Ashley Bagola, Monroe Tall, Tom Harvey, Suzette, Misty, Kate and Tom Thunder Hawk, Olowan Martinez, Rita Moran, Evangeline and Janice Jennesse, Suzy Eagle Bull Family, Ryan White Feather, George Dreamer Family, Spot and Geraldine Janis Family, Guy and Skite Family, Pine Ridge Teachers, Thorpe Alumni and all family, and friends and relatives 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD