Candidates Named For Dawes Co. Commissioner Vacancy

KCSR News has obtained the current list of candidates to fill the vacancy for the 3rd district Dawes County Commissioner position that opened following the untimely death of then commissioner Levi Grant.

Five names as of Friday afternoon have been submitted to the Dawes County Treasurer’s Office that will be chosen from at Monday mornings meeting of a specially-appointed committee made up of Dawes County Clerk Cheryl Feist, Treasurer Sam Wellnitz and County Attorney Vance Haug.

The list includes Marissa Betson, Doug Leeling, Walter Juhlin, Tony Johnson and Webb Johnson.

The committee will select one to fill the remainder of the current term which will roughly run for two and a half years.

Monday’s meeting will get underway at 9:30 am at the Dawes County Courthouse.