Cecelia LaPointe


Funeral services for 66-year old Ceclia (Yellow Boy) LaPointe are Monday, July 31, 2023 at 1:00 at the Pine Ridge Elementary School Gym in Pine Ridge, SD, with Minister Cyrus Black Elk officiating, traditional Lakota services by Rick Grey Grass and Wakinyan Sna Mani Sr, and Special Songs by Will Peters 

Burial is at Wolf Creek Community Cemetery near Pine Ridge

A two-night wake service starts Sat, July 29, at noon at the Pine Ridge Elementary School Gym

Online condolences may be left at

Cecelia Theresa (Yellow Boy) LaPointe “Takini Win” was born on February 16, 1957 in Pine Ridge to Eugene Yellow Boy Sr and Beatrice (Little Soldier) Yellow Boy. Cecelia made her journey to the Spirit World on July 22, 2023 at her home in Wolf Creek Community near Pine Ridge. 

Cecelia is survived by her sons James LaPointe and Darrin Yellow Boy (Joni Morrisette); grandchildren Erica Two Crow, Tyler Two Crow, Angel, Aaron, and Alissa Yellow Boy, Jordan, Vincent, and Leatrice Warner, Jaylah Warner, Shaquille, Tashina and Mahryah Esparza, Kobe Perry, Myrain, Myaura, Jace, Jared, Ameelyenah, Leo, Lia and Lex Kooyaquaptewa, Daeson and Hailey Two Bulls, Zion and Zimerah Yellow Boy, Jayden High Hawk, Tayshaun and Taren Swift Hawk, Teralyn Little Moon, Takara Cottier, Kir’yiani Frederick, Celeste Black Feather, Adel, Brooklyn, Ryleigh and Keanu New; great-grandchildren Mila and Weldon Hernandez, Mahsyah Esparza, Miyarih Hammond, Aliyah Dumont, Kyrie, Kawhi and Makhi Esparza, and Kurtis Warner; sisters Pauline Wilson, Faith Ann Yellow Boy (Jerry Moose), Joy Yellow Bull-Hill, and Cis Big Crow; nieces/nephews Freddy Warner Jr, Tamikka Warner, Kleo Warner, Warren Ray, Lamavoyouma Kooyaquaptewa, Jor-El, Journey and Jarain Yellow Boy, Renaldo “Lotto” Two Bulls (Alisha Patton), Samuel Yellow Boy (Mary Douville), John, Autumn and Wilbur Swift Hawk (Misty), Sgt Tia Big Crow, Marella Burch, April Little Brave-Minton, Nada New, and Darrell New Jr; uncles Wilbert Buckman Sr, Cleveland Buckman, and Basil Brave Heart; hunka sons/daughters Will Du Brewer, BJ Feather Earring, Julian Bear Runner, Sioux Dawn Bianas, and Crysta Richards; and hunka brothers/sisters Bryan Brewer Sr, Santee Witt, Mateo Hernandez, Will Peters, and Theresa White Bull. Pallbearers will be Reggie Rowland, Gaylen Two Bulls, Jim Charge, Jeremy Buckman, Terry Richards, Tom Rowland, Pat Two Bulls, Roscoe Black Feather, Wilbert Buckman Jr, and James Black Feather. 

Honorary pallbearers will be Allie Bad Heart Bull, Trina Andrews, Deanna Runnels, Audrey Backwards, Marge Hernandez, Doris Goings, Wilma Leonard, Violet Bisonette, Lois White Whirlwind, Tyler Yellow Boy, Mona Little Hawk, Ethel Swallow, Isabelle Gaddy, Stormy Clifford-Risse, Shelby Tymes, Chris Benson, Thelma Backwards, Tori Clifford, Nicole Big Crow, Cecil Little Hawk III, Christian Brewer, Stacy Morrison, Florentine Blue Thunder, Veatrice Running Hawk, Tiny Decory, Francine Big Crow, Marilyn White, Hilda Kills Small, Mary Lou Black Crow, Betty Black Crow, Natasha Black Crow, Beneva Hard Heart, Ron Roffers, Jose Campos, Kathy Yankton, Renee Yellow Boy, the late Emily Deon, Kathy Red Cloud, Darrell Red Cloud, Deanne Little Hawk, Claudia La Pointe, Angie Roan Eagle, Brenda Red Bull, Elizabeth Red Bull, Adel Red Bull, James Red Bull, Loretta Cook, Anita Afraid Of Bear, Simone Little Hawk, Howard Little Hawk, Barb Dull Knife, Sonja Weston, Erica Buckman, Elise Tymes, Sarah Buckman, Duane Two Bulls, Lynelle Black Water & Family, Dora Good Plume & Family, Evan Fast Horse & Family, Mary Ann Condon & Family, Bonita Ghost Dog & Family, Josephine Standing Soldier & Family, Rick and Randi Gray Grass, Lonnie and Jen Little Hoop, Phyllis Wilson, William “Shorts” Black Smith, Sally and Carmel Dubray, Phyllis Dubray, Steve and Lolita Dubray, Milton, Samuel, John and Clovia Around Him, Simon Joseph & Jen Jussen, Stan and Joni Little Boy, Wakinyan and Lolita Sna Mani, Florence Plenty Holes, Deidra, Jack and Misty Black Feather, Jaime Wheatley, Crystal and Bernie Silva & Family, Priscilla Tail, Judith & Winona Black Feather, Ione McCloskey, Thunder Lake & Sna Mani Sundance Families, Sheldon, Ted & Justin La Pointe, Carlos Basaldua & Family, Cora, Francine Emerald, Terri, Vi Janis, Dar Twiss, Julie and Ed Richard, Lisa Two Bulls, OCHS Class of 1975, American Indian Movement, Longest Walk, Camp Yellow Thunder, All Pine Ridge School Staff, Protest for Mni Wiconi in Standing Rock Camps, OST Ambulance Service and All Friends & Relatives. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD