Celeste Imitates Dog


Funeral services for 43-year old Celeste Imitates Dog are Monday, Jan 2, 2023 at noon at the New American Legion Hall in Martin, SD, with Mother Michelle Dayton officiating and traditional Lakota services by Harold Salway. 

Burial is at the Inestimable Gift Episcopal Cemetery in Allen, SD.

A one-night wake service starts New Year’s Day 2023 at 3:00 at the New American Legion Hall in Martin with evening services starting at 7:00.

Celeste Belle Imitates Dog was born on June 28, 1979 in Pine Ridge, SD to Theresa Imitates Dog. Celeste left us early December 16, 2022 in Bakersfield, CA to be with the ancestors.

Celeste was one beautiful, fun, and happy woman who loved her girls more than anything. She would walk in a room and light it up with her smile, laughter, and sense of humor. Her motto was always Living life to the fullest. 

Celeste spent her time between California and South Dakota. She grew up Pow-Wow dancing, which eventually got her to California. She also enjoyed spending time with her friends & family. 

Celeste is survived by her siblings Agnes Imitates Dog, Shawn Imitates Dog, Beau Imitates Dog, and Sandi Imitates Dog; and her children Autumn Kamerzall, Zoe Romano, Jaelynn Romano, Amber Romano, and Harmony Imitates Dog. 

Celeste was preceded in death by her mother Theresa Imitates Dog; grandmother Jennie Bad Wound-Imitates Dog; 

Pallbearers will be Joseph Cottier Jr, Wayne Witt Jr, Gerald Richards Jr, Austin Cummings, Kody Cummings, Charles Cummings Sr, Coy Cummings, and Koby Cummings. 

Honorary pallbearers will be Angeline Wheeler, Laura Cummings, Andrea Cummings, Shaeylynn Cummings, Marilyn Standing Bear, Danneta Mousseaux, Veronica Black Crow, Sully’s Staff, and all friends, family, & relatives.  

Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge is in charge of arrangements for Mary Two Lance.