Chadron Boys & Girls Enjoy Solid Day In Sidney


The Chadron boys were 2nd and the girls 4th at the John Gasner Invite at Sidney on Saturday.

Chayton Bynes and Rhett Cullers pulled a couple of individual gold medals on the boys side. Bynes captured first in both the triple and long jumps while Cullers took top honors in both the 110m and 300m hurdles.

Behind Cullers the Cardinals dominated the hurdles by taking the top three spots in each race.

Makinley Fuller was the only winner on the Chadron girls side with a victory in the 300m hurdles.


  1. Daniel Bashtovoi 2:06.94a Sidney
  2. Lucas Trujillo 2:10.40a Creek Valley
  3. Carter Ryan 2:11.55a Chadron


  1. Cameron Brauer 4:44.75a Sidney
  2. Daniel Bashtovoi 4:55.60a Sidney
  3. Carter Ryan 5:06.56a Chadron

110m Hurdles

  1. Rhett Cullers 15.46a Chadron
  2. Xander Provance 15.77a Chadron
  3. Garrett Reece 16.04a Chadron

300m Hurdles

  1. Rhett Cullers 42.24a Chadron
  2. Garrett Reece 42.97a Chadron
  3. Malachi Swallow 44.63a Chadron

4x100m Relay

  1. Isak Doty, Luke Holly, Sawyer Dickman, Jackson Russell
    44.92a Sidney
  2. Quinn Bailey, Xander Provance, Malachi Swallow, Chayton Bynes
    45.10a Chadron
  3. Joel Morales, Jackson Kirkbride, Conor Manlove, Cody Hape
    45.75a Burns

4x400m Relay

  1. Treyson Johnstone, Mitchell Deer, Noah Canas, Jackson Russell
    3:37.30a Sidney
  2. Quinn Bailey, Rhett Cullers, Garrett Reece, Malachi Swallow
    3:37.91a Chadron
  3. Jake Burge, Wes Geiken, Zach Harbur, Sean Meints
    3:38.73a Gothenburg

Shot Put

  1. Isaiah Martinez 48′ 1 Alliance
  2. Cody Hall 46′ 2.5 Chadron
  3. Kyren Graves 46′ 1.5 Ogallala


  1. Kyren Graves 134′ 1 Ogallala
  2. Isaiah Martinez 132′ 4 Alliance
  3. Jarek Anderson 130′ 9 Chadron

Long Jump

  1. Chayton Bynes 20′ 9 Chadron
  2. Cameron Leeling 20′ 7.25 Sidney
  3. Gabriel Hernandez 19′ 4.5 Cheyenne South

Triple Jump

  1. Chayton Bynes 43′ 7 Chadron
  2. Jackson Kirkbride 42′ 6 Burns
  3. Zach Harbur 39′ 8.5 Gothenburg


  1. Emma Gonzalez 2:35.80a Burns
  2. Tayden Kirchner 2:37.54a Ogallala
  3. Grace Pyle 2:40.98a Chadron

100m Hurdles

  1. Rylee Ward 16.98a Burns
  2. Tatum Bailey 17.00a Chadron
  3. Macala Hood 17.81a Alliance

300m Hurdles

  1. Makinley Fuller 51.45a Chadron
  2. Rylee Ward 51.96a Burns
  3. Josie Sanders 52.41a Alliance

4x400m Relay

  1. Jaelynne Clarke, Riley Lawrence, Macey Seebohm, Kenna Montes
    4:23.46a Alliance
  2. Eideann Tuttle, Gracen Tuttle, Makayla Kirchner, Kyra Skiles
    4:29.69a Ogallala
  3. Micaiah Fuller, Demi Ferguson, Jazzy Munyiri, Makinley Fuller
    4:32.17a Chadron

4x800m Relay
Tayden Kirchner, Lindee Henning, Lauren Henning, Makayla Kirchner
10:37.85a Ogallala

  1. Grace Pyle, Micaiah Fuller, Demi Ferguson, Makinley Fuller
    10:55.56a Chadron
  2. Rheo Dykstra, Lydia Peters, Talissa Tanquary, Jenju Peters
    11:02.82a Sidney

High Jump

  1. Karsyn Leeling 5′ 4 Sidney
  2. Emma Norris 4′ 10 Burns
  3. Grace Pyle 4′ 10 Chadron

Triple Jump

  1. Gabrielle Fortner 33′ 6.25 Sidney
  2. Jaelynne Clarke 33′ 5.75 Alliance
  3. Tatum Bailey 31′ 10.75 Chadron