Chadron Boys Win Team Title, Area Athletes Thrive At Mitchell Invite


The Chadron boys held off Sidney by just half a point to take the team championship at the Mitchell Invite on Saturday. In total, the area brought home 13 gold medals.

Chadron’s Chayton Bynes and Gordon-Rushville’s McKinley Grover were both double gold medalists. Bynes swept the boys long and triple jump titles while Grover came away with 1st place finishes in the girls shot put and discus.

Chadron went 1, 2 ,3 in the boys 110m hurdles once again led by Rhett Cullers at the top. Malachi Swallow had the best performance in the boys 300m hurdles where Chadron captured the top 3 spots.

Skylar Edmund of Sioux County was 1st in the girls 400m and Chadron’s Kendall Carnahan took gold in the girls 1600m. Crawford’s Kylah Vogel used a personal best in the girls 300m hurdles to win the event.

Chadron went first and second in the boys discus led by Cody Hall’s toss. Tatum Bailey had a season best in the girls triple jump and took first place.

The Sioux County girls 4x400m relay and the Chadron girls 4x800m relay each won their races.

More results below.


  1. Mitchell Deer 50.21a Sidney
  2. Kyland Fuller 50.77a Lingle-Fort Laramie
  3. Jace Freeseman 52.15a Gordon-Rushville


  1. Cameron Brauer 4:42.96a Sidney
  2. Daniel Bashtovoi 4:45.53a Sidney
  3. Carter Ryan 4:55.69a Chadron

110m Hurdles

  1. Rhett Cullers 15.69a Chadron
  2. Xander Provance 15.73a Chadron
  3. Garrett Reece 15.88a Chadron

300m Hurdles

  1. Malachi Swallow 41.32a Chadron
  2. Garrett Reece 41.82a Chadron
  3. Rhett Cullers 42.54a Chadron

4x100m Relay

  1. Sawyer Dickman, Isak Doty, Luke Holly, Jackson Russell
    44.17a Sidney
  2. Quinn Bailey, Xander Provance, Malachi Swallow, Chayton Bynes
    45.20a Chadron
  3. Carmelo Timblin, Creighton Beals, Tyler Garrett, Jacob Awiszus
    45.48a Gering

4x400m Relay

  1. Mitchell Deer, Treyson Johnstone, Jackson Russell, Noah Canas
    3:33.78a Sidney
  2. Quinn Bailey, Rhett Cullers, Garrett Reece, Malachi Swallow
    3:34.69a Chadron
  3. Nolan Spears, Slade Hopkins, Wyatt Sylvester, Kyland Fuller
    3:39.35a Lingle-Fort Laramie

4x800m Relay

  1. Daniel Bashtovoi, Cameron Brauer, Mitchell Deer, Treyson Johnstone
    8:20.98a Sidney
  2. Lucas Moravec, Aiden Narvais, Bryce Carrillo, Eli Marez
    9:03.28a Gering
  3. Brady Daniels, Gavin Sloan, Carter Ryan, Zander Rust
    9:17.95a Chadron

Shot Put

  1. Cody Hall 46′ 10.5 Chadron
  2. Jarek Anderson 44′ 9.5 Chadron
  3. Michael Morgan 41′ 6.5 Morrill


  1. Jeremiah Coley 130′ 7 Mitchell
  2. Boyd Oliver 123′ 9 Lingle-Fort Laramie
  3. Jarek Anderson 117′ 9 Chadron

High Jump

  1. Sawyer Dickman 6′ 1 Sidney
  2. Chayton Bynes 6′ 1 Chadron
  3. Cameron Leeling 5′ 11 Sidney

Long Jump

  1. Chayton Bynes 21′ 0 Chadron
  2. Cameron Leeling 20′ 9.25 Sidney
  3. Justus Alcorn 19′ 1.25 Chadron

Triple Jump

  1. Chayton Bynes 44′ 0 Chadron
  2. Justus Alcorn 40′ 8 Chadron
  3. Logan Metz 38′ 6.5 Bridgeport


  1. Alissa Morales 13.37a Gering
  2. Brooklin Hess 13.52a Morrill
  3. Dalli Anders 13.57a Crawford


  1. Gabrielle Fortner 27.33a Sidney
  2. Brooklin Hess 27.50a Morrill
  3. Dalli Anders 28.05a Crawford


  1. Skylar Edmund 1:03.05a Sioux County
  2. Talissa Tanquary 1:03.28a Sidney
  3. Tatum Bailey 1:04.62a Chadron


  1. Talissa Tanquary 2:31.09a Sidney
  2. Haley Johnson 2:32.35a Gordon-Rushville
  3. 1Kyndall Carnahan 2:34.55a Chadron


  1. Kyndall Carnahan 5:49.10a Chadron
  2. Tyrah American Horse5:49.51a Gordon-Rushville
  3. Jadyn Scott 5:58.52a Gering


  1. Madison Seiler 12:06.61a Gering
  2. Paityn Homan 13:19.29a Crawford
  3. Kierra Miller 13:46.83a Bayard

100m Hurdles

  1. Chloe Ahrens 15.96a Sidney
  2. Tatum Bailey 16.09a Chadron
  3. Trinity Penn 17.67a Mitchell

300m Hurdles

  1. Kylah Vogel 49.80a Crawford
  2. Kailey Klein 51.88a Sioux County
  3. Averielle Sager 51.97a Chadron

4x400m Relay

  1. Skylar Edmund, Britney Klein, Hannah Krein, Kailey Klein
    4:22.87a Sioux County
  2. Madison Seiler, Jenna Davis, Alissa Morales, Gabrielle Moreno
    4:28.05a Gering
  3. Dalli Anders, Kylah Vogel, Madison Swanson, Kiera Brennan
    4:31.24a Crawford

4x800m Relay

  1. Makinley Fuller, Jazzy Munyiri, Micaiah Fuller, Grace Pyle
    10:31.45a Chadron
  2. Madison Seiler, Jenna Davis, Jadyn Scott, Madison Herbel
    10:51.45a Gering
  3. Tyrah American Horse, Rylie Barker, Emma Martins, Brenna Bostock
    10:54.09a Gordon-Rushville

Shot Put

  1. McKinley Grover 33′ 11 Gordon-Rushville
  2. Caitlyn Blackstone 32′ 10 Mitchell
  3. Lexi Fiscus 32′ 7.5 Bayard


  1. McKinley Grover 117′ 11 Gordon-Rushville
  2. Grace Dean 99′ 3 Bridgeport
  3. Lexi Fiscus 98′ 9 Bayard

High Jump

  1. Karsyn Leeling 5′ 5 Sidney
  2. Gabrielle Moreno 5′ 0 Gering
  3. Jazzy Munyiri 4′ 9 Chadron

Triple Jump

  1. Tatum Bailey 34′ 11 Chadron
  2. Gabrielle Fortner 32′ 3 Sidney
  3. Joslyn Hopkins 31′ 11.5 Bayard