Chadron City Council Agenda Feb 21, 2022



FEBRUARY 21, 2022 6:00 P.M.

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor reads the following before continuing with the meeting: “As required by Section 84-1412, subsection 8 of the Nebraska Statutes, notice is hereby given that a copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted for your examination on the wall inside the door to these City Council Chambers.”

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

a. Consent Agenda

1. Minutes for City Council Meeting No. 2022-04, February 7, 2022 and Special City

Council Meeting No. 2022-05, February 15, 2022

2. Correspondence

3. Minutes for Boards and Commissions

4. Monthly Treasurer’s Report and Water Report

5. Special Designated Licenses – Administratively Approved

a. Chadron Fire Department – Boss’s Night – Fire Hall (02/26/2022)

b. Chadron Fire Department – Spouses’ Night – Fire Hall (03/19/2022)

c. The Ridge – CSC Rodeo Fundraiser – Fairgrounds (03/04/2022)

d. Bean Broker – Wedding Reception – Chadron Arts Center (04/22/2022)

b. Deb Cottier, Executive Director, Northwest Nebraska Development Corporation (NNDC) –

Report and Update

c. Resolution No. 2022-15 To Approve a Quitclaim Deed from John E. Gamby to Convey a Tract of Land (1.22 Acres More or Less) to the City of Chadron for Future Development and Infrastructure (Linden Street Right-of-Way)

d. Resolution No. 2022-16 To Rescind Resolution No. 2021-150, which Resolution Awarded the Bid for the Purchase of a New 2022 ½ Ton Extended Cab 4×4 Pickup Truck for the Water Department to Chadron Motor Company and Authorize Notice to Bidders for the Pickup to be Re-Bid

e. Resolution No. 2022-17 To Recommend Award of Bid for the North Pine Street Water Main Connection Loop Project

f. Resolution No. 2022-18 To Approve the Sidewalk Improvement Plan and the Sidewalk Construction, Renewal and Replacement Grant Agreement

g. Resolution No. 2022-19 To Approve the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Funded Contracts/Agreements for Airport Improvement Projects at the Chadron Municipal Airport for Federal Fiscal Years 2022 through 2024

h. Resolution No. 2022-20 To Approve Application for Federal Assistance for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Project No. 3-31-0017-019-2022 (M06) to Fund the Reconstruction of the Existing Wildlife Fence at the Chadron Municipal Airport

i. Resolution No. 2022-21 To Approve Plans and Specifications for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Project No. 3-31-0017-019-2022 for the Reconstruction of the Existing Wildlife Fence Project at the Chadron Municipal Airport and Authorize Notice to Bidders

j. Motion to Approve the Deputy City Clerk Job Ad and Job Description and Authorize the Position to be Advertised

k. Motion to Approve Claims

l. City Manager Report (Information Only, No Action Required)

m. Resolution No. 2022-22 To Excuse Absence of Councilmember(s)

n. Council Closing Comments

o. Adjourn