Chadron City Council Agenda Jan 10, 2022



JANUARY 10, 2022 6:00 P.M. City Council Chambers

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor reads the following before continuing with the meeting:

“As required by Section 84-1412, subsection 8 of the Nebraska Statutes, notice is hereby given that a copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted for your examination on the wall inside the door to these City Council Chambers.”

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

a. Consent Agenda

1. Minutes for City Council Meeting No. 2021-35, December 20, 2021

2. Correspondence

3. Minutes for Boards and Commissions

b. Proclamation for National Radon Action Month (January 2022)

c. Candace Connery-Nollette – Concerns re: Lack of Notification to the Business Owners and the General Public of the Lockdown that Occurred on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

d. Resolution No. 2022-01 To Approve Agreement with the Nebraska Department of Transportation for Maintenance of Highway US-20 for the 2022 Calendar Year

e. Resolution No. 2022-02 To Approve the Plans and Specifications for the North Pine Street Water Main Connection Loop Project and Authorize Notice to Contractors

f. Resolution No. 2022-03 To Recommend Award of Bid for One (1) New 2021/2022

Mid-Size Police/Special Service Package Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

g. Building Permit Report for 2021 (Janet Johnson, Zoning/Building Official)

h. Resolution No. 2022-04 To Declare Bank Depositories for Calendar Year 2022

i. Motion to Approve Temporary Change to the Organizational Structure to Provide for the Finance Officer to Report to the City Manager

j. Schedule Date and Time for Special City Council Meeting/Workshop for Budget Discussion and Planning for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year

k. Motion to Approve Claims

l. City Manager Report (Information Only, No Action Required)

m. Resolution No. 2022-05 To Excuse Absence of Councilmember(s)

n. Council Closing Comments

o. Adjourn