Chadron Community Hospital Launches Advanced EMS Services


       Chadron Community Hospital & Health Services has finally launched its Advanced EMS Services ambulance to transport patients to other medical facilities and provide advanced life-saving intervention alongside local fire and EMS departments.

      Regional West Medical Services in Scottsbluff had provided Advanced Life Support Ambulances and staff to Chadron Community and other Panhandle hospitals in recent years, but ended those agreements last year.

      Chadron Community responded by setting up its own Advanced EMS Services program and had hoped to have it in operation with a fully equipped ambulance and staff by the end of last year, but the process took a little longer than expected.

       Chadron Community Interim CEO Jennifer Brown says the hospital is extremely proud to introduce the Advanced EMS Services to the public.

      She calls it “a significant milestone” in Chadron Community’s  ongoing mission to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality in Chadron and the surrounding areas.

      Brown says the hospital;s dedicated team of advanced life support paramedics and nurses are meticulously trained and passionately devoted to ensuring the safety and well-being of every individual we serve. 

      While setting up its new service after Regional West left, Chadron Community Hospital relied on a combination of ALS ambulances from Rapid City, Morrill County, or Scotts Bluff County for transports between medical facilities.

      When no other ALS ambulance was available, the hospital had to use expensive air transport to move patients to facilities providing a higher level of care or treatment.