Chadron Council Approves Budget, Fees, Salaries, And Tax Levy For New Fiscal Year


      The Chadron City Council last night gave final approval to the budget, property tax levy, city fee schedule, and employee salary scale for the new fiscal year beginning October 1st.

       The city’s operating budget jumps 19% from last year, but that’s misleading because the vast majority of the increase to a total budget of $19.1-million and a general fund of $7.3-million is from federal COVID relief and stimulus funds.

     The federal money will be used over the next 3 years for infrastructure projects, but must be included in this year’s budget even if it won’t be spent then.

        Chadron’s property tax rate remains at 43.65-cents per hundred dollars of assessed value, but since total valuation rose 4% the city will bring in just under $1.2-million in property taxes, about $47,000 more than last year. 

      The budget provides a 3% pay raise for all city employees except the relatively few covered by union contracts  

       On the fee front, the monthly sewer rate goes up 5%. Chadron alternates each year between raising sewer fees and water fees.