Chadron Police Asking Public For Help With Investigation Into Bullet Holes At Liquor Store


      The Chadron Police Department is asking the public for help in the investigation into two bullet holes found this week in a wall at City s’Liquors and Tap Room at 3rd and Beech Streets.

       Police Chief Rick Hickstein says officers were called to the business about 5:30 Wednesday afternoon about a report of the building being hit. 

       They found 2 bullet holes in the west wall with the reporting individual saying the incident likely happened the day before, about 4:30, when they heard “popping” noises and found a hole in the wall while trying to determine what the noise was.

       During a careful review of City s’Liquor’s security video, the officers spotted suspicious actions involving a white 4-door sedan with South Dakota license plates in the parking lot that left and headed west just prior to the apparent shooting.

        Chief Hickstein says the Chadron Police Department is working with other law enforcement agencies to identify and locate the vehicle 

      He asks anyone with knowledge of the vehicle or the shooting to contact the Chadron Communications Center at (308) 432.0510 and ask to speak with an officer.

      Hickstein says authorities believe it was an isolated and random incident with no homes or other businesses involved and no ongoing threat to the community.

        Hickstein reminds the public that if they ever see something suspicious or out of place, they should contact police and report it so that a law enforcement officer can look into it.