Chadron Police Beginning a Speeding Campaign


Just in time for the Fur Trade Days traffic, the Chadron Police Department will begin their ‘Speeding Slows You Down Campaign’ on July 12.

This campaign is designed to deter motorists from reaching speeds that pose a danger to either themselves or other drivers and pedestrians. The grant presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives the police department the resources needed to pay officers overtime and increase police presence in areas notorious for speeding. Speeding is a daily issue faced by law enforcement agencies all across the country, and according to Police Chief Rick Hickstein, Chadron is no exception.

In the first six months of 2024, Chadron PD has issued multiple citations for excessive speeds on our roadways.

During this campaign, officers of the Chadron Police Department will be patrolling Highway 20 and Highway 385, in Chadron, in an effort to slow motorists down. While most of the grant money’s focus will be on the highways coming in and out of Chadron, drivers also need to acknowledge and obey the posted speed limit within the city limits as well.

During this campaign, if a driver is pulled over for speeding, he or she will be issued a ticket for breaking the law.

In 2022, there were 12,151 fatalities in speeding-related crashes, accounting for 29% of total traffic fatalities. The same year resulted in a decrease of fatalities of 2.8% from 12,498 in 2021.

We ask for everyone to slow down. Our goal is to save lives and reduce accidents. The posted speed limit is the law and there are no excuses.

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