Chadron Police Warn Of Increased Thefts From Unlocked Vehicles



  The Chadron Police Department is urging residents to be more diligent in locking their vehicle in light of an increasing number of thefts from vehicles.

        Lt Gabriel Walz says Chadron usually has an occasional theft from a vehicle, but that the number has risen sharply in the past few days.

Lt Walz says the recent theft spree has centered in the residential area east of Main Street and south of 3rd Street/Hwy 20, but doesn’t appear to have targeted that area or any specific items. 

Walz says the most frustrating aspect of the thefts is that it appears all could have been prevented simply by locking the vehicles and not storing valuables in them.

Lt Walz says the Chadron Police Department recommends locking your vehicles at all times, especially overnight as part of a nightly routine. 

    If you don’t and instead become a victim of a theft from your vehicle, he says to report the theft by contacting the Chadron Police Department Communications Center at 432-0510.