Chadron Primary School Moves into Yellow Status As COVID Passes 5% Threshold


     Chadron Primary School is the first in the district to run afoul of the Delta variant of COVID-19. 

       Principal Libbie Mack sent a letter to all parents that over 5% of the students have been confirmed with COVID-19, pushing the school over the threshold of the district’s COVID Response plan from Green to Yellow.

      Superintendent Ginger Meyer says the Yellow protocols begin tomorrow and will run at least 2 weeks, possibly longer if case numbers don’t come down. 

      Meyer says the Yellow protocols are very similar to the rules used by the Chadron schools last year and rely on masks, social distancing, and sanitizer.

Meyer expects students and staff to have little trouble adjusting because nearly all of them went through it last year.

Meyer says none of the other 3 schools in the Chadron district are pushing up against the threshold, although Chadron High School is at 3%.