Chadron Public Schools Confident In Safety Plan, Precautions


  While last month’s school shooting in Texas led many school districts around the country to hurriedly review their safety procedures and protocols, but not the Chadron Public Schools.

      That’s because the district’s administrators and school board members feel confident about its safety plan and the way it’s constantly reviewed and revised to remain in step with the best available recommendations.

     School Board President Tom Menke says not only does the Chadron district have a solid safety plan, it’s one of the leaders in the state.

     ((Tom Menke

The district’s four principals gave the School Board Monday night a frontline update on how the safety plan affects them and their buildings, and why they feel secure.

      High School Principal Jerry Mack said he thinks the district is a leader in the region and in the state in developing safety procedures and practices, pointing to regular drills and refreshers each fall aimed at new staff and substitutes. 

    Middle School Principal Nick Dressel said he and his office staff reviewed their door protocols after the Texas shootings just to make sure everyone is comfortable with them and to see if anyone had any ideas on making them even better. 

    Primary School Principal Libby Mack pointed to what she called the “very tight” relationship the schools have with the Chadron police, especially School Resource Officer Derek Bauer, leaving her with full confidence in all local emergency responders. 

      Tom Menke thinks the principals did an excellent job of explaining why parents shouldn’t worry about their kids when they’re at school.

    ((Tom Menke

The Chadron Public Schools have made a number of safety upgrades and modifications to all its buildings over the past decade including electronic locks and video systems on all outside doors.