Chadron Resident Billy Broyles Wins Pickup In Nebraska Lottery’s “Truck$ And Buck$” Scratcher


    Billy Broyles of Chadron is the latest top prize winner in the Nebraska Lottery’s Truck$ and Buck$ scratch game.

     Broyles was handed the keys to a new Ford F-150 XLT 4×4 SuperCrew Flex Fuel pickup in an informal ceremony Wednesday at the Common Cents convenience store in Chadron, where he’s a clerk and where he bought the winning ticket.

      Broyles says he plays different Lottery games on a regular basis, but usually not Truck$ and Buck$. He did this time because he was having a good day and decided to press his luck.

While he admits his new pickup is impressive, Broyles says it’s probably not going to be his for long because he wants to use it to address other transportation priorities.

The pickup is valued at $81,500 and Broyles also received a $976 check to cover license and registration. The Nebraska lottery pays the $4,075 in state taxes and $19,500 in federal taxes.

    This is the 29th edition of Truck$ and Buck$, but the first time a pickup has been won in Chadron and the first time for the Panhandle is about 6 years. Only 2 of the 8 pickups for the current game have been won so far.

      Lottery representatives were at Common Cents for 2 hours as part of the truck presentation, hosting games and giveaways. A raffle for Truck$ and Buck$ was won by Alan Cisneros of Chadron.

    The odds of winning a pickup in Truck$ and Buck$ are 1 in 336,000 while the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.69.

     As the seller of Broyles’ winning ticket, Common Cents receives a bonus of 1% of the value of the pickup. The manager was presented with a banner proclaiming the winner for display in the store.