Chadron School Board Agenda June 13, 2022

Chadron Public Schools Board of Education 

Regular Board Meeting June 13, 2022 – 5:30 PM

Central Office Board Room

“Infinite Possibilities – Infinite Education Opportunities for All”

The Board at the meeting may rearrange the order of the agenda.


a.  Welcome and Recognition of Visitors-

b.  Meeting Called to Order – A complete copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act is posted on the west wall of the conference room.

c.  Pledge of Allegiance

d. Determine if a Quorum is Present

e. Motion to Declare the Meeting Properly Publicized and Open to the Public.

f. Approval of the Agenda for the June 13, 2022 Regular Board Meeting.

g. Approval of the Minutes from the Board Meeting for May 9 and May 25, 2022.

“Celebrate to Elevate”

h.  Awards and/or Honors-

i. High Fives-

  • To the Chadron United Methodist Church – Sunday School kids – donated $269.90 to K-8 lunch accounts that are negative.  
  • To the Food Bank for the Heartland and Chadron Chamber of Commerce for supplying students all year long with weekend food in the Backpack Program.
  • To the students for sharing their talents during the 2022 Talent Show
  • To Linda Bates who has worked in our Kitchen for the last 18 years and provided the “Best Meals in the District”
  • To Joan Fournier who is retiring this year and has worked in our building for the last 5 years.
  • We wish Kristi Dunbar, Rachel Girard, Cody Paul, Alora Tweet, and Blair Wagner the best of luck in their future endeavors as well as Kait Adrian and Danielle Kuxhausen who will be moving to Intermediate School to continue work with students as paraprofessionals.  Marietta Peterson and Whitney Tewahade will be returning full time to the Middle School and will be missed at the Primary School.  Debbon Shields will return to the Primary building as a paraprofessional and we are excited to welcome her back.
  • To the Teachers, Families, and Students who made our fourth quarter of school successful.  To make it the entire school year in person is a HUGE accomplishment and we want to thank everyone for all of the successes.
  • Welcome to Lauren Collins and Katarina Rischling (Kindergarten teachers) as they join our staff as well as Kadence Wild who will be starting with us as a paraprofessional.
  • Congratulations to our 2022 Graduating Seniors!!! CHS Class of 2022 Graduating Seniors
  • Thank you to all the students and staff for the successful completion of the 2021-22 school year!
  • Congratulations and best wishes to our staff who are leaving CHS: Andy Pope and Shelley Dunbar.
  • Congratulations to our medalists at the State Track Championships:
    • 🥇 State Champion – Xander Provance, 110H
    • 3rd – Malachi Swallow, 300H
    • 3rd – Tatum Bailey, HJ
    • 4th – Chayton Bynes, LJ and TJ
    • 6th – Rhett Cullers, 110H
  • Congratulations to Brenda Budler and Renae Noble for writing Perkins grants that received approval by the ESU:
    • Brenda Budler – $2200 to attend the Restaurant Association National Trade Show
    • Brenda Budler – $4995 for a Bernina Sewing Machine
    • Renae Noble – $899 for a poster printer
  • Thank you to all of the teachers and staff who helped make the 4th quarter successful.
  • To Mrs. Waugh for bringing back the student showcase this year and to all of the students for being kind and supportive of each other during the showcase!
  • Mrs. Cattnach, Mrs. Dubs, Dana Tewahade, and all of the Hope Squad sponsors and students for all of the excellent work you did this year! This group has done so much to improve the culture of mental health in our school.
  • We wish Dina Connell, Katie O’Boyle and Abbie Vetter the best of luck in their future endeavors. We also wish Mrs. Jennifer Cattnach all the best with her new duties as the school counselor at Chadron Intermediate School.
  • CMS welcomes Kristi Dunbar (5th math), Josh Digmann (5-8 PE/Health), Heather Pearson (SPED), Katherine Burrows (para), and Kristina Rudge (para) to the CMS team!
  • Mrs. Eliason for completing 21st Century grant reports!

j. Recognition of Public Requesting to Comment on Specific Agenda Items


a. Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Sara Taylor, Business Manager

b. Approval of Bills and Claims – General Fund, Depreciation Fund, Lunch Fund, Cooperative Fund, and Special Building Fund

c. Approval of Bills and Claims – Student Activity Fund and Student Fee Fund



  1. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on BOE members attending. Conferences/Meetings/Trainings-Goals 1-2
  2. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on a resolution to sell and dispose of the Alpha Building and miscellaneous property.
  3. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action for 2022-23 lunch prices.
  4. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action to purchase two dishwashers.



a. Administrator Reports Including: Building Principals, Technology Director, Curriculum Director, SRO, and Maintenance Supervisor.

b. Board Committee Reports – If any activity has occurred; Finance Committee (2nd Monday @ 11:00am); American Civics/Curriculum Committee (3rd Monday @ Noon); Policy Committee (3rd Monday @ 7 AM) Building & Grounds Committee  (1st Monday at 11:00am); Personnel Committee (2nd Monday @ Noon); Safety Committee; Legislative Committee and Foundation Committee (3rd Wednesday at 7 AM)


AQuESTT – Accountability for a Quality Education System Today and Tomorrow  AQuESTT is Nebraska’s next-generation accountability system. It aims to meet and exceed statutory requirements for accountability (R.S.S 79-760.06 and 79-760.07) by considering the broader educational experiences and success of students.

a. Leadership & Support Systems for Six (6) Tenets of AQuESTT

i. Leadership & high quality services in: processes, regulations, interagency collaboration, data systems, fiscal responsibility, and evaluation

NCRSA 20-22 President, Commissioner’s Advisory Board.  CSC President’s Diversity Committee.  Talking on Radio.  PPHD Collaboration, STANCE, NCSA. Interview Team for NDE Accountability position 2021.  Testifies at legislature. Met with Senator Walz.  Assessment.  Title I Monitoring Visit, Discipline Hearing Officer

ii. Finances

Budget and Audit related materials, including comparison summaries. Audit

iii. Engage policy partners & stakeholders in development of: policies, regulations, and practices

Policy updates, 2023 Juvenile Justice Grant Complete, Allicap Report, Testifies at legislature.

Teaching, Learning, & Serving

CoVid Green, Yellow, Red Plan for starting school. Routinely monitor and edit Standard Operating Procedures for each building. Reviewed Covid Plan. Title I Monitoring Visit

b.  College & Career Ready & Civic

i. Curriculum development and alignment to Content Standards.

Correspondence with several groups about Health Standards and Accreditation

ii. Integration of Career Readiness Standards into all content areas

iii. Systemic and collaborative curriculum review

Teachers attended language arts standards meetings.

iv. Partnerships for expanded learning opportunity

Met with County Commissioners. Met with CSC President

v.   Career awareness, exploration, and preparation instruction

c. Assessment

i.  Process to ensure reliable, valid, and appropriate assessments

MAPS testing, ASVAB, ACT, DIBELS, Acadience

ii. Utilizing balanced assessment system


iii. Sharing assessments in a timely manner

Data retreat and BOE sharing

iv. Establishing and sharing grading policies and standards

Handbook updates

v. Utilizing perceptual data


d. Educator Effectiveness

i. Measuring and addressing teacher engagement

40 Assets, Technology Day, Digital Citizenship

ii. Utilizing a research-based instructional model aligned to the NE Teacher Principal Performance Framework (NTPPF)


iii. Utilizing a formal staff evaluation process aligned to the NE Evaluation Model for Teachers and Principals


iv. Developing a professional Learning plan to support continuous improvement

CoVid Green, Yellow, Red Plan for starting school. Survey of staff and parents concerning learning and CoVid.

v. Technology to support teaching and learning, Success, Access, & Support

1:1 Chromebooks, projectors, doors, carts, wifi on busses

e. Positive Partnerships, Relationships, and Success

i. Partnerships w/community groups & support services

Partner with PPHD to closely monitor and investigate CoVId cases.

Collaborate with NRCSA, NDE, & PPHD for CoVid response. 

ii. Strategies for family attendance & participation

Radio spots to talk about CoVid plans and other school related items. Title I Monitoring Visit

iii. Expectations for safe, clean, and healthy schools

CoVid plans

iv. Measuring and addressing student engagement


v. Strategies to support all students in monitoring and managing Learning


f. Transitions

i.  Process to support on-time grade completion

Acellus. Grade visits to new buildings.  

ii. Process for addressing the needs of highly mobile students

iii. Process to identify and support students at risk of dropping out

Juvenile Justice, AWARE

iv. Processes to ensure the preparedness of incoming students

Orientations, Open house, Computer trainings, and Tours

v. Strategies to support transition from Primary, to Intermediate, to Middle School, to High

Orientations, Open house, Computer trainings, and Tours

vi. School, and to post-high school opportunities

College Fairs, CSC Partnership, Senior Fridays

g. Educational Opportunities & Access

i.  Before or after school opportunities

21st Century Learning, ESSERS

ii. Supplementing in-person classroom instruction with digital learning opportunities

Acellus, Wonders, Google

iii. Processes relating to a Target Improvement Plan (TIP)


v. Aligning educational opportunities to the needs of all students

Standards Review.  Americanism Criteria

vi. Evaluating new educational programs

Title I Monitoring Visit

h.  Thank Yous- 


  1. Something the BOE did tonight for student learning Goals 1-2


a. American Civics/Curriculum Committee-July 18, 2022 @ Noon

b. Policy Committee Meeting-June 20, 2022  @ 7 AM   

c. Building & Grounds Committee Meeting-July 4, 2022 @ 11:00am

d. Personnel Meeting-July 11, 2022 at Noon

e.  Finance Committee Meeting – July 11, 2022 at 11:00am

f.  Regular Board Meeting–July 11, 2022 at 5:30 PM

g. Legislative Committee-

h. Foundation-Fall    @ 7 AM




a.   Motion for Adjournment