Chadron School Board March 11, 2024


Chadron Public Schools Board of Education 

Regular Board Meeting – March 11, 2024

5:30 PM District Offices

Notified BOE Member Absences: 

The Board at the meeting may rearrange the order of the agenda.


a.  Welcome and Recognition of Visitors-

b.  Meeting Called to Order – A complete copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act is posted on the west wall and in the BOE Documents folder. 

c.  Pledge of Allegiance

d.  Determine if a Quorum is Present

e.  Motion to Declare the Meeting Properly Publicized and Open to the Public.

f.  Approval of the Agenda for, March 11, 2024, Regular Board Meeting.

g.  Approval of the Minutes from the Board Meetings for February 12, 2024

“Celebrate to Elevate”

h. Awards and/or Honors- 

  • Wrestling state placers: Fia and Quinn

i.  High Fives-

  • Congratulations to our success at the NSAA State Wrestling Tournament: Quinn Bailey repeated as a back-to-back STATE CHAMPION and Fia Rasmussen medaled at 5th.
  • Congratulations to members of the CHS Speech Team for multiple medals at invites this season.  The Speech Team is about to compete at Districts in Gering while this report is being submitted.  Good Luck at Districts! 
  • Thank you and congratulations to Wendy Rhoads and all the cast, crew and volunteers who supported the CHS Musical – Grease!   We hosted three outstanding performances last weekend. 
  • Thank you to all our teachers, students and parents for successfully finishing the 3rd Quarter!
  • Recognize the many community artists at the Chadron Schools art show.
  • Thank you, and congratulations to Wendy Rhoads and all the cast, crew, and volunteers who supported the CHS Musical – Grease!   We hosted three outstanding performances last weekend. 
  • Thank you to all our teachers, students, and parents for successfully finishing the 3rd Quarter
  • Congratulations to the following NHD students:
    • Matthew Sorenson and Sam Kahl – 1st place Jr. Division group website
    • Jett Paopao and Meri Werner – 2nd place Jr. Division group website
    • Adam Curd – 1st place Jr. Division individual website
  • Congratulations to all of our winter activity students and coaches for completing their seasons.
  • HQMI selection teams from CMS, CIS, and CPS selected Into Math as our new math series.
  • Our F.A.S.T. program has started and we are excited to have so many families in our building before the start of their kindergarten year.
  • To our entire staff and everyone who helped with our Be My Valentine Breakfast.  We had a great turnout and enjoyed having families visit the Primary School.
  • To Loni Watson, Dana Tewahade, Mikel Landreth, and Russ Seger for providing support and resources to our students, families, and staff members during a difficult time.  From counseling services to staff conversations, we really appreciated the love and kindness.
  • Thank you to our teachers and students for a successful 3rd quarter!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Ambrose for planning Read Across America activities.
  • Thank you to organizations that donated Nebraska made products to the 4th grade food tasting on March 1st. Thank you to 4th grade teachers and parents for organizing and helping with this fun event in recognition of Nebraska’s birthday and as part of our Nebraska History studies.

j. Recognition of the Public Requesting to Comment on Specific Agenda Items


a. Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Sara Taylor, Business Manager.

b. Approval of Bills and Claims – General Fund, Depreciation Fund, Lunch Fund, Cooperative Fund, and Special Building Fund.

c. Approval of Bills and Claims – Student Activity Fund and Student Fee Fund.



  1. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on BOE members attending Conferences/Meetings/Training 1-2,  
  2. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on. -Goals 1-2
  3. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on use of electronic signatures on checks.
  4. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action on the following policies-Goals 1-2:
    1. Third Reading
      1. 3452.1 School and Non-School Groups
    2. First Reading
      1. 1603 – Naming Property
    3. Reviewed and Amended
      1. 3316 – Procurement
      2. 9290 – Vacancies and Absences
      3. 9324 – Meeting Materials 


  1. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action regarding Administrative salaries. -Goals 1-2.
  2. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action regarding the resignations received.  Goals 1-2
  3. Discuss, consider, and take all necessary action to approve the new teaching contract for Crystal Vander May and Crystal Bach.


a. Administrator Reports Including Building Principals, Technology Director, Curriculum Director, SRO, and Maintenance Supervisor (Review Enrollment) b. Board Committee Reports – If any activity has occurred; Finance Committee (2nd Monday @ Noon); American Civics/Curriculum Committee (3rd Monday @ Noon); Policy Committee (3rd Monday @ 7 AM) Building & Grounds Committee ($7.435+ Million in Projects to do) (1st Monday at 11:00am); Personnel Committee (3rd Wednesday  @ Noon); Safety Committee; Legislative Committee and Foundation Committee (3rd Wednesday at 7 AM)


Lunch Check from Security First 

AQuESTT – Accountability for a Quality Education System Today and Tomorrow  AQuESTT is Nebraska’s next-generation accountability system. It aims to meet and exceed statutory requirements for accountability (R.S.S 79-760.06 and 79-760.07) by considering the broader educational experiences and success of students.

a. Leadership & Support Systems for Six (6) Tenets of AQuESTT

i. Leadership & high-quality services in processes, regulations, interagency collaboration, data systems, fiscal responsibility, and evaluation

Legislative Update-Bill Summaries, State Senator Communications NRCSA Legislative Conference and Committee, STANCE Meetings, Panel on  Mental Health State Conference, Negotiations, School Improvement Visits, Meet with Governor. SIP Visit. Commissioners advisory.

ii. Finances

Federal Audit Submission, G5 Update, $5000 mini-grant, GEERS money, Juvenile Justice Community Plan, Perkins, EASIE, ESSERS, Cardinal Facility Fund, ReVision Grant, Legislative Issues

iii. Engage policy partners & stakeholders in the development of policies, regulations, and practices. Juvenile Justice Community Plan, Trustee for Chadron Community Hospital, Panel on  Mental Health State Conference, Legislative and Legislative Committee, Aware, PPHD meetings

iv. Teaching, Learning, & Serving 

After School Program, Professional Development Schedule, 

b.  College & Career Ready & Civic

i. Curriculum development and alignment to Content Standards

ACT Results, Data, ASVAB, NWEA, State Testing

ii. Integration of Career Readiness Standards into all content areas

iii. Systemic and collaborative curriculum review

Health Standard Meeting with Patrons, Content Standards Alignment, Curriculum Review with Board

iv. Partnerships for the expanded learning opportunity

Juvenile Justice Community Plan, Partnerships with PPHD and ESU

v.   Career awareness, exploration, and preparation instruction

c. Assessment

i.  Process to ensure reliable, valid, and appropriate assessments

Educlimber, ACT Results, Data, ASVAB, NWEA, State Testing

ii. Utilizing a balanced assessment system

Educlimber, ACT Results, Data, ASVAB, NWEA, State Testing, 

iii. Sharing assessments in a timely manner

Educlimber, Acadience, BIMAS, ACT Results, Data, ASVAB, NWEA, State Testing

iv. Establishing and sharing grading policies and standards

Reviewed with Policy and Handbook.

v. Utilizing perceptual data

Educlimber, Acadience, After School Program, SIP Surveys

d. Educator Effectiveness

i. Measuring and addressing teacher engagement.

School and classroom walk-throughs. Google Classroom and Google Drive training

ii. Utilizing a research-based instructional model aligned to the NE Teacher Principal Performance Framework (NTPPF) 

Danielson, Principal and Teacher Evaluations complete and classified are complete too.

iii. Utilizing a formal staff evaluation process aligned to the NE Evaluation Model for Teachers and Principals.

Admin Team Evaluations, Classified Evaluations

iv. Developing a Professional Learning plan to support continuous improvement

Danielson, Lesson Plans, and SIP Process

v. Technology to support teaching and learning, Success, Access, & Support.

1:1 Technology Upgrade of Infrastructure, Cameras, Door Locks, Purchase Rotation of Devices

e. Positive Partnerships, Relationships, and Success

i. Partnerships w/community groups & support services

Partner with PPHD, Mental Health Team meets regularly to review students’ services and discuss individual student referrals, Bimonthly STANCE Meetings, NASB Monthly Update, Radio Talks

ESU 13 Administrator Monthly Meeting, School Safety, Quarterly Safety Committee Meeting ALICAP Safety Visit, AWARE MH LEA & District Team Monthly Meetings, State/LEA Advisory Meeting, Trustee for Chadron Community Hospital

ii. Strategies for family attendance & participation

Superintendent Blog, Remind, Chadron App, Emails

iii. Expectations for safe, clean, and healthy schools

Review and monitor building cleaning plans.

iv. Measuring and addressing student engagement

Weekly classroom and building visits

v. Strategies to support all students in monitoring and managing Learning Juvenile Justice Community Plan, Walk-throughs, Evaluations, Weekly Admin Meetings

f. Transitions

i.  Process to support on-time grade completion

1:30 outs, Kindergarten Roundup, School Visits and Tours, School Improvement, Transitions

ii. Process for addressing the needs of highly mobile students

Transition, Indian Education, Juvenile Justice

iii. Process to identify and support students at risk of dropping out

Acellus, Juvenile Justice, Educlimber, Indian Education

iv. Processes to ensure the preparedness of incoming students

Orientation, Technology Boot Camp, Transitions

v. Strategies to support the transition from Primary, to Intermediate, to Middle School, to High

Transitions, Bump Up Day, FAST, Kindergarten Round-up

vi. School, and post-high school opportunities

g. Educational Opportunities & Access

i.  Before or after-school opportunities: Monitor 21st Century grant that subsidizes the after-school program, Title VI Indian Education Parent Meeting

ii. Supplementing in-person classroom instruction with digital learning opportunities.

Acellus, IXL, I-Ready, Google Classroom, Imagine Learning

iii. Processes relating to a Target Improvement Plan (TIP)

v. Aligning educational opportunities to the needs of all students

Acellus online learning, IXL, Imagine Learning, Google Classroom

vi. Evaluating new educational programs

Teachers, Administrators, Program Usage for Dollars

h.  Thank Yous-


  1. Something the BOE did tonight for student learning Goals 1-2


a. American Civics/Curriculum Committee – March 18, 2024 @ Noon

b. Policy Committee Meeting – March 18, 2024, @ 7 AM   

c. Building & Grounds Committee Meeting – April 1, 2024, @ 11 am 

d. Personnel Meeting – April 1, 2024, at Noon

e. Finance Committee Meeting –April 8, 2024, at 11 AM

f.  Regular Board Meeting–April 8, 2024, at 5:30 PM

g. Legislative Committee-

h. Foundation – March 20, 2024, at 7 AM



12. ADJOURNMENT: a.   Motion for Adjournment

FOOTNOTE – The board of education may go into closed session by an affirmative vote of a majority of its voting members if a closed session is clearly necessary for the protection of the public interest or for the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual.

NOTICE: Except for an emergency, this agenda shall not be altered later than twenty-four hours before the scheduled commencement of the meeting.